Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Rowley Moment

Sir Sampson has been visiting a lady friend trying to create a batch of puppies. He was gone for a week and had no luck. He came home exhausted and had lost 3 pounds.

So after BYU home evening we went to the Creamery. Why we are eatting cones I say"By the way Sams gone visiting Maddie again " Shawn worried said " for how long?" I reply "Just till tomorrow they have already mated twice"

Shawn says" wow what did you do put him in stretch pants and a Gene Simmons t-shirt?"

I snorted and laughed out loud.

Gabby very loudly" Im looking for parents, new parents anyone anyone." I think we are keepers.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks for giving 2010

Thanks to Molly for the invite to share thanksgiving at her home. Show me someone with more required of her day who is willing to feed another 40 mouths. I love you Molly for always rising to a challenge and doing it gracefully. I wish we could have been there .

Our Day began the day before as so many do at Thanksgiving. Salads to make desserts to bake turkeys to bathe in salt and herbs. We chose to have the big dinner and avoid the lunch rush. Amys oven gave all she had and died in a broiling flame, much to Gingers distress. Turkeys should not be golden 60 minutes into cooking. We baked, peeled, boiled, and roasted at other good folks houses. I decided to run Amys knife across a finger while washing and wore the Michael Jackson glove all day. After many trips to neighbors dinner was served at 7:30 late enough we could have fed them cornmeal mush and they would have thanked us. The kids did the turkey shoot and claimed their prizes. Amy dressed Grace in a lovely white sweater to eat red jello and and wear several cups of milk. One that ran down her head after uncle Shawn bumped her on the floor. It was quite cute she just stood their dripping looking at him like why did you do that. We had 3 tvs going with Barbies magical adventures( at the neighbors), wii games, and Mr. scrooge back at Brownings. Games of Uno and Manopoly were a hit. Scott taught Shawn about electronics , Scotty made me feel like a queen when he ate a near trifle by himself ( love to make ya happy Scotty just bend over and cough). Both Becca and Kenz brought dinner guests . We ate off paper plates and did 2 loads of dishes?? Mostly we had a warm time together. It just felt good laughing and enjoying the comfort of family. The turkey though traumatized was delicious as was the entire meal as it should be when cooked by the girls who went to advanced cooking class together.

I cant wait to go to Johns next year!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New View

I worked from home today. I love to be home on a cold blustery day. Unfortunately I was distracted by the many things that mumble "Look at me, Im a complete mess" I mostly ignored the irritating voices and found other distractions that ate at my work productivity like changing the house insurance and visiting the Chiropractor.
In spite of the glareing mess I decided to try some therapy on myself. I took a camera and went around taking snapshots of all the things that seem to irritate me to distraction and look at them with gratitude. It was so good for me I decided to share the idea.

First a list of the subjective problems threw my lense.

1) The shoe basket looks like a war zone for crying out loud its the entry way and someones going to trip and break their neck.

2) This is decorative candy people why is it always 3/4 gone Marthas isnt touched in the magazine.
3) This is a dining room table it should be for dinner and only on Sunday.

4) My room is suppose to be a sanctuary glorious romantic, ugh

5) The drawers all work son everyone of them opens and can hold things.
6) How many bottles of shampoo should be open at one time and what is this doing in here?

7) Kat a rin your room is suppose to look like a french chateau what the .....

8) Gabber no tape ever ever on the walls

9) Look this piano is for display only but I choose the decor folks.

What I see in the picture objectively

Shoes are a luxury in many parts of the world in my home they are taken for granted like an old shoe. They fit they are in the color and styles we like. Im so greatful to live in this country Im free in so many choices.
Candy is a childs simple joy. I cant begin to express gratitude for having children in my life they are my simple joy. I cant imagine not being able to give them little pleasures.

These things belong to a man who does everything for the good of his family. Heck the screens open to finding a Big O Tire store to help a childs latest tire crisis and he literally dropped everything to help her. He loves knowledge, what a great quality.

Being married to an adventurer is romantic. If he werent here I would never move any of it from the top of his dresser to have a shallow vase of flowers. A gamer who reads his scriptures . Plus he gets himself up and off to school every morning and wears calogne thats a pretty good and easy boy I had to ask why are there googles in the bathtub. Practice snorkleing was her reply. She also asked for eoprene waders for Christmas not for fishing but so she can stay warm in the snow. Oh how I love to laugh and children are the best comedians. If I stop looking at the chaoes I can see the kid. A quote by yoda, pictures of her sisters , letter from her brother, and a good book. Thats just so very insightful and sweet.
. Im so glad she is still a girl in so many ways. She wants to celebrates everythingabout her life. What would that be like to want to demonstrate joy for everything.
Becca forgot her iron pills. Kate forgot her earphones. Gab frogot her stuffed animal and I forgot that picture was ther to remind me to never forget to demonstrate my appreciation for the touch of the Masters hand in my life. Happy Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

Oct 31 st
11:00 am Im making special bags of gummy teeth, pumpkins, candy corn and bats . I filled the giant bowl with little milkyways, skittles, kit kats, and laffy taffy.
1:00 pm A batch of marshmellowy gooey popcorn is complete. Now we wait... I carve another pumpkin.
2:00 study google video to do Tays make up for the dance, oh poor boy I tried really I did.
4:45 the door bell rings for the first 3 rug rats. The dogs are going crazy so off to the bedroom they go for the night.
5:20 its lightly raining and flashes of light streak the sky.
6:00 I demand a child I dont even know come in and watch nickelodeon until the hail and wind reduce from hurricane strength.
6:20 the little mummy heads back out in the now drizzle.
6;45 Shawn rents every Frankenstien movie ever made in black and white. I manage to sit through 2 with lots of doorbell reprieve.
7: 30 Gabs party starts. All crayons leave to begin their scavenger hunt. They must take pictures of certain costumes the first team done wins the box of cereal hey is that ny captain crunch.
8:50 Last call a bunch of gouls in the 16 yr old range.
11:45 Crayon and mime home . I blow out the toothy and toothless pumpkins. Colby Bryant (Kate) and the "UP" Scout have the best time at a dance. Someone trys to steal a balloon of Becs heavy beltloop she turns and says "ask nice." He does she un ties one and gives it to him.
I LOVE Halloween. I hide the left over candy but the sugar fiends will find it and it will be gone .