Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Monday, August 24, 2009

Boise Idaho Temple where we were married
On Saturday the 22 of Aug Shawn and I have been married for 23 years. About half a year less than Mike and Wendy and almost double Jen and Jared. Saturday we took our laptop to Geek box computer for repairs, watched GI Joe and had a nice lunch together. Oh and got eatten alive by bugs while we atempted some more night fishing. Lots of itching no catching. But the hi light for me was the day before.

Friday night we witnessed our neighbors sealed as a family. It was exceptional. The Sealer said "This is not a temple marriage this is a God like marriage this is a celestial marriage. A Temple marriage is where you pick a pretty temple you want to be married in ." He said so many things that bouyed my soul. I loved sitting there next to Shawn holding his hand. I loved when he squeezed my hand during special parts of the ceremony. I smiled and quietly laughed when they brought in the children in their beautiful white dresses. Shawn said " They look like they are trying to escape from a vat of whipped cream" It was true they were very full gathered dresses. It was an awesome night. Awesome to realize how valueable our commitment is to our salvation to our direction. I love you Mr. Rowley. Thanks for having me and keeping me and honoring me by honoring your covenants. Thats a pretty great gift.

Love Terri

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A LOVEly week

Wow its really late. I should not write when Im this tired but its been a a wonderful last week and a bitter this week. I have been doing Family Therapy for months with some great people .I have grown to admire and delight in their progress. Thursday in a tragic accident the father was killed and the mother seriously injured. Their lives were strewn across the freeway and Im dismayed and overwhelmed at what it will take to clean it all up and repair it. Im also confident that it's possible. I have to try not to smirk when I get comments from people about love fixing children , couples , families etc. Truth is theirs so much more endurance required. But I do know that without love nothing is fixed. So....

To my dear exceptional extended family. You are a great delight for me. Its always real its always surprising its always congested, loud, frolicing, delicious, exhausting, belove...ed
I complained Im ashamed to say about the cost of gas and the hours of driving, Oh if I had given in and not gone . How sad that would have been. Here are the hilights for me.

*Grandma Bonnie comforting with conversation an anxious Sister Missionary waiting to begin her service.

* Britts endless smile. How I felt when she wiped her eyes and said threw the smile Ive been crying for 2 days. ( To love so many so far apart)

* GJ planning lunch at Subway and dinner at PF Changs to celebrate the thin ones return.

** The look on Felicia's face and the response on Johns standing in the baptismal font.

* A senior companion gently prodding his junior to keep sharing .

* My daughters announcing tears as a genetic defect in the family while they cried and sang

* Johns testimony of love and commitment. Felicia's sincerity.

* Sharing a bottle of cream soda with my sister, my daughter my nieces and husband. And no one wiping of the lip of the bottle in disgust... just enjoyment.

* Talking to Mikes family Im certain Kelly and Julie are my sisters, how could people that sarcastic and silly not be blood.

* Learning that Brit was coveted by all eligible Philipino men and that she used it in the Lords favor.

* My dad and mom have the softest skin I love kissing them goodbye.

* Hearing Kenny and Tay talk endlessly from Ogden to American Fork about scarey movies.

* Driving threw Burley pointing to my elementary school Dworshak, Dairy Queen and Farmers Corner.

* Church with real people wrinkled worn weathered lovely people. I miss a place where their is no time for pretense.

* The talks! Olivia telling me personally that what I dont do or stop myself from doing can be an act of service ( it felt like it was just for me). That was great. Brits accounts of a people with nothing who gave everything. The high council speaker reminding us to reevaluate when we have prayer, where we have prayer and how often we pray and to see that our own children and those we home teach have the opprotunity for school blessings. I loved that it was pertinent.
* Make shift cake topping, the lunch lady who wouldnt let me use my own hands to dish up spaghetti.

* The view forever across the bean field and the apple tree in the Landrums yard.

* Feeling at peace and really enjoying watching my family.

* Waking up Monday to a devistating e-mail that reminded me how lucky I was to have everyone I love safe and well , and the acheing reminder that I better tell them again how much I love them.

I love you

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where did Shawn go??

I have had some inquiries about my husbands blog. Shawn had some calls from people in his BYU ward saying that when they got on his blog their computer freaked out. So he checked it out. Sure enough their was a computer pop up telling him to close out but never allowing him to . Im sure that is not a very technical explination. Bottom line he felt like his only alternative was to shut it down. I know the house didnt burn down. I didnt loose all the baby pictures but Im feeling really sad. Their were stories I had never heard before, dog humor , irritations, loves sad and poignant moments. This really feels like a loss to me. I tried to recover it by typing
into google. Some of his titles actually came up but I could not retrieve the actual content. So Im not a tech genius but if you have an idea let me know.

In the mean time. If this is your journal or a record of your life do something to preserve it and tell me how to do the same. Blogging started out as a fun connection to family but ultimately its a record of my very personal thoughts , some I didnt even know I had until they were written in front of me . I have learned so much more about each of you threw your blogs. Conversations that never happen in our bustling get togethers . I think when we are typing in a room alone we are safe and free to explore raw thoughts and feelings and then we expose them in ways that we might not other wise. Anyway its good stuff .

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Carpe Diem

Oh how I have loved our little summer adventures.
We havent had alot of money nor time but these days are pricelss. I have a hand written calender of the events we need to be to over the next two weeks. Its packed but i wrote go night fishing for Thursday the 30th. My new 4 day week is great for this reason. So I came home made dinner everyone took a nap and at 10:00 we headed for the lake. By great luck we followed the mosquito ebatement truck in or the gate would have prevented our very late entrance. Their was no one fishing. Me, Shawn , Gab, Becca, and that other Shawn set up shop on the dock in the moon light. Shawn spent most of the night bating our hooks, weighting our line, retrieving and setting free our mud cat fish. BUT there was this one moment when he tried a a fishing secret passed to him by a Utah Lake old timer. ( He s got his ways of talkin to people until thery pur and share their best kept stuff.) So I think he had 2 jigs on or not but any way it was 4 pound test line. Im at the other side of the dock and hear some comotion. Tay or ( Shawn I mean) headed with the net to help. Then I hear him squealing Dad its huge its gonna pull me in. They fought the monster for several minutes mostly so it wouldnt break the line and we could see who the contender was. I think my husband was hoping for a prize winning Bass but out comes this mustard colored Carp it was M O N S T E R O U S . Certainly 20 pounds of fun. We all touched its big scales and set it free . We all caught a fish only one went home. But sittin in a camp chair with a poll in the water watching the lapping water against the dock, relaxing in the warm but pleasant night air and the big yellow moon . Well it was better than sleep . Which we did not have until about 3:30 but what fun.