Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Sunday, September 21, 2008

JP's first day

In 1981 I was ventureing into my final year as a Burley bobcat. I have always loved school, so I considered it my good fortune to start school the week of my birthday. A birthday early in the school year can be a strategic gift. When your mother brings cupcakes to school to celebrate your Birthday a kid can gain sudden popularity among peers. Its very powerful to choose who to hand such a delicious little package covered with sprinkles, after all you're only other food for the day was likely to be hamburger gravy on fake mashed potatoes, jello with fruit cocktail and warm milk.

But back to 1981. Dad was working in Oregon or Washington one of those neighboring states. He had just come home for the weekend and on Sunday he was debating rather he should stay the night or head back to work. I remember the debate and the dilema well. Mom was pregnant with her 7th child and due to have the baby very soon. I believe my mother convinced my father that it was fine to leave. She felt confident she would make it another week. We kissed dad good bye and waved him off from the dining room window, then settled down for the night.

Deep in sleep I took a minute to respond to her. " Terri I need you to get up!" Can we wait a little longer, I mumbled. I was more concerned with my sleep preservation. She left the room. I dont know how much longer it was but when the door to my room opened the second time the light from the hall streamed in. I was slightly more coherent this time and realized from the look on her face I needed to get up. I dressed and in the darkness of the night we drove to Cassia Memorial Hospital. I followed or maybe lagged behind her as she checked in and went to labor and delivery. I accompanied my mother into a room where they gave her a bed and I laid down in the bed across the room. It was so cold and sterile, everything was grey or cold steel. A nurse brought mom heated blankets and frequently she came in to check on her or check her to see how close she was to delivery. Mom tried to make small talk with me in betwee contraction. I wonder what my facial expressions were saying to her? Im sure I was grimising as the situation. Everything was so unfamiliar and watching the intensity and pain on her face was overwhelming. "Why is this room so cold! Cant you do something more for her pain? Have you tried to call my dad? All questioms running through my mind.

I dont know how many minutes or hours went by but I was eventually asked to go to the waiting room so they could prepare for delivery. I thumbed through every magazine and tried to find a comfortable position to close my eyes and wait. I remember when they wheeled her back to the room . I met the doctor as they were moving her. Mom was crying. I wasnt sure if you cry after having a bay because it hurst so stinkin much, or worse did something bad happen to our baby. She looked tired but so joyfully she smiled at me and threw tears she said "I had a boy, we have a boy! Has someone tried to call Ray?" In the wee hour of the morning my energy suddenly emerged. Brother is an unheard of word not even believeable I have 5 little sisters 3 of them in the past 5 years. I bounced around the waiting room looking for someone anyone to tell of my personal good fortune. I started to cry, in true Anderson girl style. Overwhelmed and delighted I could not contain my happiness. A nurse was the first to talk to my father on the phone. She had no idea the gold mine surprise this news would be. Im sure she was just sharing information, but I was truely irritated that the woman who had carried him and threw sweat and tears delivered him had not been given the opportunity to share this joy with her husband. I remember my dad had just arrived when he got the call . Without sleep or hesitation he jumped back in the car to head for Burley.

My sisters when told were shocked and gitty squealling and questioning my truth. I made it to school that day. It was a Tuesday and I could not wait to get to my Government Economics class to make my announcement. Gary Turner was my teacher and I knew he would value my announcement as a good neighbor . I brought doughnuts for my class that day. I didnt have the time to make sprinkled cupcakes but I definately wanted to share the joy of John's Birthday . And thus it was solidified that the number 22 would be my lucky number and it has proved to be very fortuitous for me. So on this 22nd day of September, 27 years later. I want to be the first or maybe the second to say.

Happy Birthday JP. I love you, you have brought an unknown amount of happiness to our estrogenized family.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Firstest blog

So I have finally figured out how to to set up a google account. Hard to believe a person can be so capeable in one area and dysfunctional in others. I hate and fear failure, Im sure Im not alone in this thought. I guess this is why my husband bought me a silver paper weight for my desk that states, " What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" I was thinking of all the fledgeling firsts that have happened recently in my life. First time to be asked to do Family Therapy, First time I witnessed UCLA suffer their greatest defeat 59 to 0. Go mighty BYU! First time I had my first born and my second move out. The first time I met and sang happy birthday to a new nephew and wrote happy birthday and said good bye to my handsome oldest nephew. First time ever Gabby and Taylor rode a bus to school. First time my baby started Junior High.It was the first life opportuntiy to finish Grad school. It was the first year I attended 4 beautiful and precious family baptisms. It was the first season I watched my plants return and bloom. It is the first month I have sat alone in a house of quiet and realized how much I like the noise. It is the first of the week that someone liked what we had for dinner. It is the first kiss I had today while he touched my hair. It is the first hour I spent painting stars on Gabbys face for spirit week. It is the firt minute I realized I havent talked to a sister yet today. It is the moment I recognize that My life is an endless gift of first. So if my first blog doesnt go so well i will start over tomorrow and have another first. Im certain UCLA is anxious to play their first game after the pain of last weeks loss. Here't to renewal