Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Friday, October 30, 2009

Unsung heros

Heres to mother's who sew, ebay, and teach step arobics at wee hours so wee children can make every wish come true.

Here's to mothers who view every event from behind a lense so someone can enjoy it again later.

Here's to mothers who know what it requires to be a mother and do it anyway!

Here's to mothers who have the patience to teach a resistant child a new skill .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whole Lota Birthday

October typically holds 2 Rowley Birthdays. This year we added6 more. Sams girlfriend had puppies. All black and white 3 female 3 male. They were born in the beginning of the month.

I think Birthdays are a big deal. That big deal has gone from a joyous day of celebration to doing what Jen calls " Takin it on the road." Gabbys Birthday spanned a weekend . I took her to lunch and bought her a shirt on Thursday. Friday she didnt have a Birthday Party because I said, "We have had a party every year since you were 3 Gab no party this year."

So she just asked if she could have someone (s) sleep over. Sure Gab 5 giggly girls rootbeer floats and sour patch kids. Movies all night and thats not a party?? By law Gab tells meif their is no invitations cake or presents it does not constitute a party. So Friday we didnt have a party.

Saturday evening we dropped her off at Becca's house to spend the night and go to the dollar movie.

Sunday we had her favorite dinner and Gabby pie formerly known as chocolate almond bar pie.

Monday she got to take her annual birhday off school .

Taylor , who harrased Gabber for her endless weekend has decided its his Birthday all week. Sunday bread pudding and candles. Monday presents and the day off school to play games until your brain shuts down. Kate and Becca take him to the dollar movie and they all share a subway sandwhich they smuggle in his sweat shirt.Tuesday his actual Birthday I will make his favorite Zuppa Tascana and hang the birthday banner. For Wednesday he announces " I shouldnt have to drive Gab to school because I dont have a first peiod and its my birthday!"

Where did I go wrong....... Never mind dont answer that.

Happy october to me what a blessed mom I am
to have these happy good kids. Have a great 1st, 14th, 17th year.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Something out of Nothing Summer 2009

Basement before the magic

Im not so sure Rapunzel couldnt have spun straw into gold. I have seen amzing things created out of concrete and sawdust. In June WE begun and I say we generously towards myself. But we began the adventure of building another bedroom in the basement.

I started thinking of colors and design and Shawn started hanging sheet rock. He did most everything. I know Gabby swept and Tay helped mud and Kate hung a piece of sheet rock but truely he did it all out of nothing. Im stunned. I had no idea the talent in his hands . I had to go to a home show and see a coffered ceiling I loved with his busines card on the kitchen counter to realize how good he was. Anyway I really have never been very outwardly greatful for this gift, mostly because I didnt see the intricate steps. I just got crown molding magically I thot?

So I chose the carpet and got a free upgraded pad. I agonized over sweet corn yellow or daffodil colored paint bought it and then went back and got pottery red instead. I found sconces after 3 days on ebay and I bought lights and door knobs. My job was excruciating! Oh the mental effort to decide shag or burber. All of this I HAD TO DO. While he framed, insulated, did the duct work for heat, wired for electricity ( with phone calls to dad), hung sheet rock alone on a ceiling, taped, slapped on buckets of mud ( in old world style please) made a window seat book shelves, closet , built in dresser, crown mold, and bead board. Primed then Painted in 3 tone . Hung the doors put on the hard ware and closet rods , knobs and electircal plates. Oh and I HAD TO pick out a mirror and then go get blinds. Of course Shawn hung those to and put together the bed that I bought. I cant begin to tell you what it takes to match beddng to paint and purchase decortive designer pillows in varying textures . It's adaunting task.

But Shawn did his little share to. I love that man he is never credited for the awe and I do mean awe some skills he has that make my life sweeter and easier. I paid for one dryer repair 2 years ago and nearly died. Thank you honey for the free and beautiful labors of love you really can spin

straw into gold. I have seen it done.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tryin Somethin New

Do you know why people pay big bucks to go on a vacation. Because it enlivens the senses . You can remember amazing details about vacations because they are new and extraordinary times. Gabber just got done with her cruise to Alaska. Im only slightly jealous but more delighted she had such an opportunity at 13. She saved $800.00 so she could go. Here are some of her pics.

I have hadthe opportunity lately to try a few new things myself. I have an adventureous friend who drug me to go 4-wheelin. Im pretty guarded with my little life I dont ride roller coasters, or peer over the edge of buidings. let alone jump out of or over things. So I went at 13 miles an hour slowly loving the scenery and watching the trail to guard against rocks. I got some laughs over that because thats what the 4-wheeler is made for. So as I got more daring of to the tops of the mountains we went . It was amazing. Im in love with 4-wheeling! Much to my husbands delight. There are views I would never otherwise see. I also learned that at 35 miles an hour if you turn your head just right the air will blow down your nose and throat and you dont have to breath. Isnt that somethin. we stopped to see the run of the sockeye salmon so beautiful and what a transformation they do as they toughen up to make heir journey. I got to go riding again last week and my machine broke down. I sat on the mountain for 3 hours why they retrieved the trailor. I sat watching the sun slowly climb the mountain and disapear. It was very serene. The weathr was crisp and I had some cows for company. The leaves were dropping and so was the snow off the over hanging branches. The smells are a delightful surprise as you pass clumps of sage brush or groves of spruce or evergreens. My senses were invigorated and it was awesome. Sunday Tay and I cooked middle eastern food for a class project. It was an adventure adding cardamon and raisins to my rice and chicken. But it was good and the turkish Pide ( bread) was awesome adorned with fennel and sesame seeds on top.

We watched conference as a family and I was touched to see who has aged into talking from their chair and loved the messages of showing true loving behavior for our savior and how he loves us. I was very pleased with my weekend. I dare say it was as good as a cruise... or close to. It was new and fresh and exhilerated my senses. May I suggest if your feeling a little hum drum try something... anything new. Its great for dates, dinner and depression. Life can be amazing. Here are a few more pictures .