Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moose Mouse Club Reunion Confirmed

After everyones in put I have made the payment in full for the reunion at the Trophy lodge.

So the dates are confirmed June3 come home June 7. Im very much looking forward to being with you all and having a new adventure. My family has NEVER been to Yellowstone. Thats a crime. Unless the caldera errupts and fullfills Jennys greatest fear we should have an amazing memory together. I already started stocking up on graham crackers for the smores with the moose mouse club.

I would love to say this ones on me. I hope a day comes when I can do that, BUT thats not this year so if you could most swiftly send a check to replenish my bank account. I would be most great ful. There are 2 checks for some people. One to pay for auction items and one that is to cover your stay this year, Everyone has some credit for both the items you purchased and the items you sold in the auction. So while your total amount of fees this year are $200.00 your actual check for the stay will be less than that. I expect to have some money above and beyond the cost of the $ 1,112.oo fees. We can use that for fishing licenses or entrance to the Yellowstone Park. Below is your personal fees. Please send both checks Auction Items made to Ginger Livingston and Lodge fees to Terri Rowley. CONFUSED call me.


Mom $85.00 and $ 147.50

Holyoak $37.50 and $ 94.00

Landrum $ 75.50

If you want you can use your credit toward where you are staying it is $42.25 so just the difference would be owed to Ginger. If you have a change and want to join us it would be
$ 157.75 for the lodge.

Thorne $ 62.50 and $ 149.25

Browning Paid and $121.65

Rowley $ 178.00 and $$51.00

Livingston Paid and $105.00

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can you do the Reunion???

The place we typically go for family reunion are not available this year for us. Trying to find a place in our price range is more than challenging. We spend about $300.00 a night. You can go to this site for pictures and all the info that is below is on that site as well.

So I found this lodge for 195.00 a night plus tax and cleaning fees. The man meant it to fill the winter spring season but he is willing to extend the deal for the fist week in June. The 3rd of June a Thursday thru Sunday the 6th we can sleep at the Lodge and leave Monday.We MUST jump on this soon like I should call him This Thursday to confirm if that is what you all would like to do. Can you please do some serios discussion about this and get a confirmed answer quickly. As well the needed funds to go must be collected fairly soon. Ging has that part because some paid for their auction items and have credit and some owe for the auction to get credit. Im hoping it is under $200.00 for a family to get a 5 day vacation and spend a day in Yellowstone. That entrance fee is $25.00 per car to the park.

Approx. 45 minutes to West Yellowstone
Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall; The Trophy Lodge is the best bargain in the area for your large group accomodations. It sits on a very private and heavily treed 1.25 acre lot in the Upper East End of the Yale Creek Subdivision. Unlike many local rentals, this cabin has ample parking (for 8-10 vehicles), and you can easily park your larger trailers. The large lot backs up to National Forest Land which adds additional Privacy and a Unique connection to public land that you wont find in other cabins in the more densely populated areas of Island Park. The National Forest land behind the cabin supports a vast selection of wildlife, and a short walk puts you truly in the middle of nature. We have seen Deer, Elk, Moose, and a host of other animals within just 100 yards from the cabin, so bring your camera. In the Winter you can ride your snowmachine right out of the back of the property and end up on the Stamp Meadows Groomed Trail, or for the kids, you can sled on your own private hill behind the cabin. The Lodge has a large covered deck area which means rain or shine you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest. The Lodge is fully furnished and loaded with amenities which will make your vacation as Unforgetable as it should be; there is a Large Firepit with log seating for your whole party. Thereare several TVs including a bigscreen in the Greatroom for you to enjoy many channels on Dish Network. There is also wireless internet availible as well. Whether you are in Island Park to Hunt, Fish, Hike, Bike, ATV, Snow Machine, Bird Watch, Go to Yellowstone, family reunion, or just get away from it all; the Trophy Lodge is not only your most economical option for your large group, but it also will send you home with memories to last a lifetime.

Sleeps 30 bedrooms/3-Baths $400 a night$450 on holidays weekends

Main Level: Two master bedrooms- 1 with a queen bed (2)and 1 with a king bed (2). Both have a climb up in loft with a double mattresses on the floor (4). Both have a t.v., both have a fire place. Both have a private bath with jetted tub/shower combos. Large living room has hide-abed couch (2).Lower Level: 3-Bedrooms-The two smaller downstairs bedrooms has 1 queen sized bunk bed in each Sleeps 4 in each room (8), The 3rd larger downstairs bedroom has 2 queen sized bunk beds(8) and a queen bed (2).Small family room with a hide-abed (2). Sleeps 30 3 bathrooms

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Spring is such a welcome renewal. I went to IFA to pick up rabbit food and gardening gloves. The chirping song in IFA drew Gabber like the pied piper. Soon she was asking if she could please oh please have a baby duck! Then how about a chicken? I told her Finn would love a chicken. Baby everything is cute. The baby rabbit, Hannah as purchased many years ago. She is less cute now that she needs her cage cleaned.
Becky and Kate are on their way back from "Spring Break. " They had a $170.00 each and a whole lot of peanut butter and bread. Off they went to see Mickey mouse. Both are trained well in sentimental foolishness . They made sure to start at the jungle cruise , sing in small world and cry threw the fire works. Today all were reluctant to leave and return to Utah.
Shawn and I drove up the canyon with the dogs and in light weight jackets walked the camp ground, why the pups ran wild chasing birds and digging for bunnies. I found some trimmed branches with fresh buds and couldn't help but take them to make Jenny's inspiration the Easter Tree. ( My version). Its time to look forward to, to prepare for, to delight in. All those things that the Spring brings.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My Lovely

The March wind blows a howling. The mountains majestic dark and bare. The sky threatens a winter warning as thick dark clouds loom low. My gardens rests in a suspended frost bitten state. Today, I marvel at the curvy growth of a bloom delicate and lovely despite the dim dismay outside. My orchid is so allureing so bewitchng and dainty that one thinks it to be fragile and demanding. Quiet the opposite is true . She asks so little and gives such bounty. The essence of what in life is truely lovely.
By Terri R