Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving fun 2011

Over the point of the mountain and through the road construction to Grandma's house we go.

I thought this was a particularly good year kids are growning and entertaining themselves , mothers got to sit , sing, and spell. Ginger brought thoughtful gifts from her storage closet. I got cinnamon toothpaste. We had a delicious dinner and for the first time in Idahoan history we ran out of mashed potatoes. However we did not run out of characters and delightful moments. I had a great time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dateing Again

For labor day Shawn and I went to the last outdoor performance at the Scera Schell. We saw what is known as the bestcover band for the Beattles the group was called 1964. Bec and Gabby came along and the night was delightful. The music was all the happy good stuff and Gabby is a Beattles music afficionado so she knew every word. We sang along and held hands under a blanket of stars. It was really a fun change from the dinner and a movie date. And so my wild hare grew from there.

Friday Sept 9 as soon as Gabby got home from school we loaded up our binoculars and blankets and headed for Usana Ampitheatre.I didnt have tickets but felt confident we could by some right at the venue so off we went to see Rascal Flatts and Sara Evans. We were stuck in a traffic jam for the better part of 2 hours but no matter Gabby and I talked and laughed at her elementary pranks. Most I had never heard or had "the rest of the story". Gooey black top on the school windows equals mean janitor apparently. Gab bought most of her own ticket and I upgraded us to real seats not a lawn lover. I had an absolute ball singing and dancing with the noodle and we were in awe of the great performance. My favorite part was Gabby referring to the Lead singer as Rascall Flatts apparently she thinks the band was named after him, sorry Gary. I thought it was so magical that the train kept on rolling.

Sept 13 I tell Tay he has a date with me and itsa surprise. I take him to Olive Garden where he has his beloved soup and a bowl of mussels. The conversation was great. Then we met Amy and Scott for our final destination. Un known to me there seems to be some dislike for soccer in the boys line of thinking due to Lacrosse being a real mans sport so he wasnt so thrilled to see a REAL Soccer game but we managed to find many things to laugh about and notice. Like the number of fowls that seem to be called for what appears to be feined injurys. We also laughed about Tays drunk pants since they wore a womans full cup of beer. The crowd was so enthused they were the funnest part listening to the chanting and drums. After the show one of my favorite bands played One Republic. I liked them even more after watching them perform. What rock bands use a cello or a bass. I had a great time .

Sept 22 I loaded Kate up in the car for her date. She had no idea what we were doing but she was excited for an adventure. We had dinner together at trhe Cheese Cake Factory itwas delicious and then I drove to Salt Lake and she began guessing. Not even close. We had to arrive at the Energy Solution Arena Marque for her to see what we were doing. She was like a little kid. Ringling Brother Circus!! It was A MAZING. Beautiful tigers, elephants, high wire acts on a bicycle, jugglers, strong men, the human cannon ball it was all there. It was enthralling and she was so child like and appreciative. Loved every minute of it.

Oct 1 Bec and I headed up the canyon we rode the chair lift at Sundance. I thought it would be soothing for her. It was tranquil and beautiful and we just swung our legs and relaxed. Then I took her to have coconut shrimp one of her favorites. I think it was very pampering for both of us. We looked at Old Navy clothes and little kids halloween costumes. Bec got osme new boots and we headed home happy and filled.

While that was a very indulgent month for me it was exactly what I wanted to do have some time together with each of my children reaffirming to me what great spirits they have and how wonderful it is to have them in my life. Last week I went for a ride with Shawn around the Alpine loop and we talked about planning some more of those meaningful memory maker dates for us.

Leftovers in their less visible form are called memories. Stored in the refrigerator of the mind and the cupboard of the heart. ~Thomas Fuller

Friday, September 30, 2011

Camp Pine Dell Aug 10-13, 2011

Its been 7 weeks since the actual family reunion but I opened a file of pictures this morning and I was right back there in my happy place. What a great 4 days we had together. I caravaned with Amy and Scott who rescued us from our cramped quarters taking on Gabby and coolers. Mom and dad joined our brigade as we headed into Idaho. We stopped at most of the known truck stops to man and a few other little places along the way including Costco. There was not one square inch of space left in any car that did not have hot dog buns or a watermellon in it.

The drive through Twin Falls was tapping 30 year old memories . Then we arrived at our destination and the delights began. For me the hilights are often the same with a fresh varnishing of sillyness , love and laughter. So here again are my favorites.

The kids playing unabashedly shamelessly covered in dirt, gogurt, toilet water, soot and marshmellow. If you can wear out a dirt hill sliding down it or a trail to a cabin for another private club party then it was done. I love that Zander delights in being a bouncer( do you have a ticket), Ethan a camp fire choir director with an English accent ( I got some in my caaaw),Bailey a tye dye expert( 4 pair of socks), Chloe the next generations late night game leader, Olivia the fastest thighs to ever sport a pair of Tina Turner leg warmers( you rocked it) .I loved that Ike, Ken, Kate, Bec, Tay all hiked together, that GJ and Tay disappear for and afternoon to share and catch up. That we sit together as friends for hours playing cards, singing disney songs, and bid in a frenzy with one another for a home made pillow or a bag of gummy sharks. Im forever bonded to the Holyoaks via the tail of our night in the mouses house, (get out of our cheezits and dont poll vault onto Gabby!) I love that we can all sing Journey or Jason Maraz songs at a drop of a hat to bolster a talent that needs support. Mostly I love that we are pretty happy together being ourselves.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Ragnar Conquest June 2011

I paid my Ragnar hundred, as a birthday gift to myself. The next month I was in a car wreck. It's been a long year for my back. In May I asked Kate if she would take my spot, and do the run to represent the Rowley Clan. Ginger and Scott said I could ride along as the cheerleader for the first 6 stretches. Kates first run would be her hardest. I wanted to see her through it. Kates a gym rat she lifts and pulls things and does some cardi ,but she wouldnt call herself a runner.

Thursday night we gathered and drove to Logan for the night of restlessness prior to the race. At 4:30 I heard Jen from her air mattress say out loud "I might as well get up I havent slept anyway." Then Kate chimed in and I snorted . I was also laying there wide awake. Brit told skinny winny that she hogged all te bed?.... hard to believe. But alas we were up. The car was decorated. Energy was high or maybe that was nerves.

We were the loudest fan club at the starting line. This is where we seperated out the true runners. Back in the car Scott is pulling out packets of energy gel and electolite magic tablets for water. Lucky were those new to the sport who had gatorade and a bagel to sustain them. All were glad to have the Livingstons as their guide. Ging took off and made record time, she made it look like a cake walk. Brits temple hill runs paid off, as she cruised up the slopes .

Wendy was buff and ready, but she said her last mile felt like she was running backwards for 3 miles.

Jen kept on truckin threw the beautiful country side. It was gorgeous. It was a big victory for her and her knees. I was honored to rub her back after for a minute and cry with her about her big success.

Kate ran up hill for the better portion of what would end up being 8 miles. She was hacking and coughing but was determined to fight her way to the finish.

Scott descended the 11,000 feet that Kate climbed. He said you have to learn to be loose so you dont get hurt. It looked like alot of loose paid off.

I dont know what kind of physical effort it takes to ascend a peak at 14000 ft. I dont know how you run 4 miles on blistered feet. I have never exerted myself until I was physically sick.

I would have liked a glimpse into the minds of my" 12 Heros" listening as they talked themselves into pushing onward and finsihing thier journey. Even when they believed their was nothing left to give they kept moving. Carrying beyond the break probably because someoene was waiting for them, counting on them, cheering them on. Waving the flag of their success. I'm pretty proud of the 12 of you for accomplishing this amazing race. I said alot of prayers as I knew each of you were running .

I loved Tristans constant updates. Kates stories are priceless. Spooning on the field. Mom as Aunt Molly is running Aunt Wendy is shaking me screaming thats my sister we couldnt believe how fast she was. Uncle Tristan just kept giving me great hugs he is so supportive of me . Mom Aunt Amy is just happy no matter whats going on. I have all new respect for McFrenzy mom she never complains she never stops. Wendy collapsed on me mom her feet were so bad. It just goes on and on....

So the day before the race Kate said that she didnt want to go she didnt think she could do it, she was'nt prepared. Today she is trying to figure out how to follow Aunt Emily to Nampa Valley for another run. Something must change you out there on the road.

By the Way you did it! I knew you could!!!! Way to kick it A style.

Friday, June 10, 2011

# 6 Disneyland Family Trip

When the first 2 were known as Katie did and Becca boo we planned our first trip to see the wonderful world of Disney. They were six. No one is allowed to go until they are six , 42 inches high, can walk on their own, and dont need me to feed or change them. After all its a vacation.

Since my kids are all 3 years apart it has worked pretty well to go every 3rd year.

The things that were different this year were that we didnt go 10 days we went 6. We didnt go to SeaWorld , we rented a brand new Van, we got there in 9 hours not 12. The speed limit has changed over the years from 65 to 80, We went to 2 new beaches Laguna and NewPort. Shawn got a henna tatoo, the girls and I played the washboard and The things that were mangificantly the same. The weather 74 degrees with a perfect breeze, the smell of cinamon roll popcorn in the park, the sounds of the brass band, and disney music, dole whips, awesome parades, blooming flowers, and sun burned faces.

We loved the new Aladin show, the Little Mermaid ride, The World of Color and being front row for fantasmic. We didnt love star tours it made some of us qweezy. We walked down town disney and listened to classical quitar, a drummer , and a violinist that was amazing. A balloon artist made a sweet colby bryant hat for Bec and some other fancy head gear for all the kids. The souveniers were reflective of personalities.

Shawn- tiki bar tshirt and sun glasses

Terri- Tinker Bell shir

Kate- Derrick Rose jersey ( had to get that on the internet no wher to be found in Laker territory)

Bec- Lithograph of Peter Pan for the baby room

Taylor- A book about hidden mickeys in disneyland

Gabby- The Yoda backpack

It was great great fun. I wonder who will go in 2014???