Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"POPS" Is my term of endearment for my beloved father. I use it mostly because no one else does. There certainly are many things you could call or refer to him as. In Relief Society last week the question was posed, "what lessons did you learn from your____"? I have to say as far as sit down and give me a lesson memorys I have not much to say about that. Lessons are absorbed over time and usually when we are more like a sponge than a stone in our way of being. So lessons I got from my father were rarely words. After all he isn't a man who lectures, or has been accused of being wordy.

When I called to wish my father a happy 76th Birthday on Saturday I got mom. She said he can't come to the phone now he is out playing with his new roto tiller tilling up the garden. This is worth a giggle. Who does that for their birthday??
Lesson 1. Work is good for ya and he is living vibrant proof.

Yesterday I attended a team meeting for a family where the father has been granted no reunification rights with his children. He has messed up to many times relapsing to his drug of choice. The court will not offer another chance on the governments dime. He is a good hearted man. My heart hurts for him as he wipes the tears from his eyes before they sting his face. But I have more sorrow for the children that no longer hope he will even try.
Lesson 2. Thier are sacrifices you must make for the good of your family.
I remember the pipe dad smoked when I was quite young. I thought it looked a bit distinguished watching him as we drove down the road. Apparently he thought baptising me was more distinguished. Thanks dad I know how hard it is to move beyond our demons.
Lesson 3. Just do it.
I have a head full of want to's, cants, got tos , and donts. They plaque when I try to rest. I sleep better after I clean the fridge, write in a journal or organize a drawer.
My father sleeps like a rock or at least it seems that way. And he should he is a doer. He exercises, eats better, and drains the sprinklers before snow falls. He is just that kind of guy. He doesnt ignore what should be done.

Lesson 4. Because I have been given much I to must give.
I'm not sure what hours of the day (short of the Jazz games) belong to my dad. He is in service mode most of the time. he is sweeping up little kid cupcake messes, repairing dryers , growing produce for the neighborhood and family,filling church responsibilities, helping bring in the sheep with the neighbor man, doing some ones electrical repairs, pumping up a tire with the air compressor he just happens to carry in the trunk.He works on the clock and works off the clock. He pushes wheel chairs threw Disneyland , swims with grand kids, and always hugs real tender and says you know I love ya. He is a gentle giant.

Thats a short list of things my father taught me without ever creating a lesson plan. I love ya the muchest POPS. Happy Birthday to all of us for having you.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I just wanted to spout a word or two about this runnin bug the family has picked up. While Im in no place of body or frame of mind to run such a feat. I have found tremendous joy in attending. Not much needs to be said about how I love to people watch. "Stop stareing!" has been uttered by more than one irritated child of mine.

However gawking is completely encouraged at a running event. Even better yelling out comments is par for the course and they are well received. Watching a "sprint" , triathelon, 5k, 1/2 marathon or a full is IN.. CRED.. IBLE. Im pretty much choked up from the first person thast passes me.

I might be a drama queen here but I think Im seeing a personal goliath to sley for each individual. I know some people run for the timed race but Im wondering about other things based on the demographics. Im not seeing a big group of heavily muscled Impala's. Their are barely tween age boys, pregnant women, crews of firemen, long haired yogi dudes, thin and fit, short, out of shape, full of energy. Some have smiles and fists to the sky cheering themselves on others are barely walking intensely focused.

I wish there were a visor for each runner that had a flashing scrolling banner that said I run because_______. ( Because my sister died of cancer and we need a cure, because I will do hard things, because I have to start believing sometime, because my husband is my hero and he is waiting at the finish line, because my niece needs a heart transplant, because I choose how to handle my pain, because I lost 50 lbs or I need to loose 50 lbs, because if I can rule my mind and body I can rule anything, because I need to see myself anew. Because its on the bucket list, because I need a win bad)

Whatever it is strangers stand along the path with signs, high 5s , water, and encouragement. This might be a gauntlet where you throw down a challenge to yourself. It is definately not people lined up on each side of ya beating ya to death. No one yells you will never make it. That would be absurd . But out their in the big cruel world thats exactly whats happening. Honking, flipping people off, jeers, short tempered , others questioning your intent, your resolve, your capacity. Day in and out off of the marathons asigned trail we run a gauntlet in our minds and it permiates our souls and the resolve of our body. Im just sayin we could use more pathways where their are words and actual physical signs of encouragement, and orange slices when you are tired. I dont know that I will ever run lets face it, I would be dehydrated at 1/3 of a mile from crying. Anyway to those I admire for putting "It" out there, for daring to believe and then letting us all watch the journey. Thank You. Im so impressed!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Trippin

It has been quite a whirl wind of events around here

We have to start with our beloved mini van. It reached 200,000 miles and we celebrated by taking it to the first place we went as a family when it was shiny and new Sonic. We ate treats and watched Aladdin on the awesomest car in towns VCR. Ya its that old and it has supplied us with many trips full of memories. June 1 2010

Then Family Reunion in Island Park and that as I have noted was wonderful.June 3-7 2010

Why we were in 56 degree weather Gabber was in 86 balmy degrees in Hawaii. She is such a pale face her lttle body did not like the blistering sun but her heart now belongs to the men at the Polynesian Cultural Center. She had an exciting trip. June 2-11

Taylor left for the High adventure scout trip to Escelante. He had a lot of hiking and one bad trip that took a toll on his elbow. But the deer that ran out in front of them had a far worse accident that changed his life to post mortem. It was pretty dramatic for the boys as well. June 9-11. Brother Cheetams car is a gonner as well.

Kate spent Friday with me. She wanted to have a trip to the zoo for her final day at home. So in the trickle of rain off we went. We ate some lettuce wraps and shared the day together with the animals. I put on a DI jacket Gabby made me buy just for zoo trips. It takes courage to wear it but I promised. Kate looked at me and said " Can I wear it" Thats so like her.

I learned from Kate to say

" Oh cheese and crackers!" instead of curseing . I learned that bands like Nickle Back sing potty rock because they sound like they are grunting threw the whole song. You can create your own imagery. I also found out that the most deadly animal to humans is the deer. 320 lives a year in car wrecks involving a deer. We got lucky. I had the best time with her at the zoo. June 10 2010

After family dinner we all drove Kate to the airport with her one giant suitcase for 3 months. I bought her some hidious comfortable clothes she picked out at DI to wear at camp. Almost no one should wear shinny Karate pants except Kate. She totally pulls it off and with swagger. We turned Colbie Collett up so they wouldnt hear me crying most of the way there. Apparently I was not alone. Becca has never been away from her twinner more than 2 weeks. She was heart broken . We will all miss her crazy sense of timing and laughter. She landed safely at JFK airport at 7:30 AM. She then got on a bus to take her to camp. She said the humidity is crazy and she sat on a wet seat on the bus. Her initial thought was oh they just cleaned the seats , but she quickly realized from the smell she was now also" pee pants" obviously like the person before her who didnt make it to the bathroom. . Gotta love a New York state of mind. Her new bedroom is now empty and so are spaces in my heart.

That is it for 11 days of trippin. This week is Youth Conference!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It was a beary good time

Just another vibrant memory of a 4 day weekend spent with 39 of my favorite people. It was loud and laborius( In the kitchen that is). It was funny and frothy ( in the hot tub of course) It was inviting and intense ( at 7am with one bathroom and 17 bladders). It had silly and spiritual, couped up then wide open. I enjoyed nearly every moment. Some enjoyed lauging at the moment I least enjoyed. ALWAYS look both ways when crossing the street and crouching behind a tree. I loved the miandering buffalo staged along the byway, stinky beautiful spewing pots of mud and water, a wounded wolf slowly crossing the river while his pack waited for him. I loved the trees so thick they looked like moss covering the mountains crest. It was breath taking and wonderful to see my world take shape in a new frame. Being in such beauty, that was created just for us to enjoy helps me take the problems in my shoe box that seem so big and gives them true dimension in the scheme of all things. Thank you for merging together so far from your homes just to be together. The stop at bear world on the way home was the cherry on top. We had a great time and can now say we saw every animal we had hoped to see and some we had no idea we would dare be so fortunate . Black bear, Grizzly bear, bison,deer,elk,wolf,snake,osprey,moose, trout , geese, sheep ,goat, pig,chicken, 3 day old twin fawns and a peacock.