Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey Nurse Dummy

Where are you??? Ya that the whole BLOG .........except for Hey Molly Dolly dont hesitate to let us in to your life.

I keep thinking about the year Felicia has had and how taxing and rewarding it is. She is so close.

Goalie Rowley

In case you had not heard we have had a 2 year love of a new sport . Well not so new as Algee's mom and dad were playing it on the reservation when they were 3 over 50 years ago. So new to us. ( Algee is Tays best bud who lives down the street ) Any who. Taylor decided he wanted to play Lacrosse in 9th grade. He has been the goalie ever since. Seems most people dont want to get hit with a rock hard ball being swung at them directly. My son seems to think its pretty nifty, except when he can't walk after being hit in the thigh over and over. He has very little desire to play a sport where he has to be aggressive on another man . Its not in his nature to beat on folks and he does not like competing for attention. So actually the position is perfect for him. He is his own man the only standard he compares to is his stats from the last game. Tay was voted most valueable player his first season. They made hima team captain this year, and when I talked to a coach about the team he said he wished he had 35 boys just like him. He listens takes direction and recovers well.

Yesterday we played in a terential down pour it was insane. I ran home to make hot chocolate so they would have something warm to hold and be able to feel their fingers on the stick. The Warriors lost by 2 in the last 30 seconds. I have never seen my boy so defeated. He sat in the rain with his head over his knees for 15 minutes. I got a rain poncho and covered him and did a mom talk with my voice cracking. His team mates were saying "Rowley its not your fault the defense wasnt there." "Your the best player on the team." "You made the sickest save Rowley!" then they lifted him up and carried him under the tarp. I was so greatful for his good team mates. My twisted sad heart was warmed by their boy like kindness.

Now about that sick save. He had just jumped to stop a score and landed on the right of his goalie net on his knees and they went to make another shot and he dove across his goal line on the ground and stopped it with his net! The team went crazy so did I . Like mom does at a track meet. His coach said that should have been on You tube it was so good.

Bottom line there are few things we can learn from consistently winning.
There are consistently things we can learn from a loss. ( I made that one up)

Back on his feet and ready to go.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hear we grow again our day at the Aquarium

I went to the Living Planet aquarium with my Gabby and Kate. We met Amy and the crew there. I had a little moment walking behind her ( She has a lot of little people). She was pushing a stroller and surrounded by children. Smashy pressed his body against the glass so the nurse shark would swim right up and with only an inch between he and the shark he would get big eyed and say whoa and jump back. Cole stood on his tip toes to look at everything. Cloe stayed with Gabby and they touched everything touchable and Aiden cried all the way to the car because he was starving and couldnt go out to lunch. Amy said they had happy meals on the way here. Heck that was almost 2 hours ago! Grace never made a sound in her sleepy stroller. Everything was amazing and their expressions were a reminder of how children see things in life threw new and wonderous eyes even the simplist of things. I miss that time when life was hectic but certainly less complicated.

I did love that Kate took the time to drive up and go with us. I did relish hand dancing in the car to lady Ga Ga while Gabby rolled her eyes at me but smiled. Im thrilled that we all wanted a fancy salad for lunch and not the Mc Donald play land. I enjoyed that Gabby knows exactly what style of retro bohemian princess she wants to be and can show me a shirt she wants 5 minutes inside the mall. I was happy that Kate called to tell me her interview went well and then joyful that she texted me to say I love you and thank you. I said a silent Halalujia when Gabrielle noticed that we hadnt had one disagreement the whole day and thanked me for making her spring break fun .

There are tiny little fingers pressed against my cheek, and the palm of the hand that holds all my dreams.
There is a careful little grimace directed right at me, and the expression of innocence that grabs me every time.
There is a pair of big blue eyes that light up in the dark, and the window to a soul that knows only truth.
There are clumsy little legs dancing to a tune, and a chubby little bottom to break their every fall.
There is a babble and some laughter coming from my room, and the sounds of heaven right here in my home.
There is chaos in the kitchen, and toys all down the hall, a reminder to us all that time is so precious.
There are cookie crumbs on the table, and milk spilled on the carpet, but an image of simplicity and joy came with the mess.
There are car keys in the toilet and the unmistakable sense my life is full.
There are four children fast asleep, just in the other room, and a mother who's convinced that wonders never cease.
By someone else edited to fit my life

Friday, April 3, 2009

Words of affirmation

One of my favorite things about this bloggity bogging is the tributes. Rather its about Aiden's personality shining threw when he notices his man hair or a kind and encouraging comment in a response telling you your the best mom ever. Is it just our family and friends or does the whole world try to look at each other in honest revealing and loving eyes. I doubt it, and so Im even more greatful. "The way a man sees the world is a view into his own soul." So without further adoo. Im going to do my best to give you another glimpse threw my eyes of what it is to be Shawns companion. It is his birthday this week. I can only imagine what it took for his 5 ft 2 spirited mother to get all 10 lbs of him here. But Im so happy to celebrate every year that she did.

Shawn is an adventure. He is ever growing and learning. He loves information and will read about jatropa plants for hours in hope of finding a viable fuel alternative. This is why we have the moose mouse club because he still loves to see just what might be under that rock. Or how fast that will go
He challenges himself and pushes his body to do things that I can honestly say I have never seen another man do. I really did watch him carry a refrigerator to a neigbors moving van one day! Speaking of which he is so willing. Whatever is needed he s going to do it. Home teaching or cooking breakfast at fathers and sons. He never pawns off the dirty work. Iheard him leave to set up chairs for every auxillary by himself for a year. He has been the ward moving committee many times not on the committee THE committee.
Shawn never abandons an easter egg hunt, pumkin carving or a turkey shoot. I promise thats not because he loves holiday hoop la its because he loves us. I cant express what it means to me that my children know unequivicably that their father will be there for them and loves them.
Shawn reveres his priesthood and blesses our lives frequently because of that. I can smile because of such a blessing. When a doctor suggested that my facial nerves may never heal he suggested checking with the Lord first.
I dont imagine I would have loved to cook if I hadnt had such constant gratitude and loving compliments for nearly every meal he thanks me. I promised to thank him every day for my wedding ring and stopped on the 3rd year.
Shawn loves the gifts of God more than any man made thing. Trees, streams of water, trout , stars, the smell of wet dirt, and of course sammy the dooog. Sharing those things with someone else is priceless to him.
Shawn loves to tease and tickle and tell pirate jokes . He is my great reminder to slow down and enjoy. I still love to be with him and cant wait for date night. He is charming, witty , bright, challenging, engageing and loves to get my eyre up. Then he calls me a raging wood chuck when Im good and mad.
I have no greater support and strength than my husband. Everything I have survived or dived into was because he rubbed my feet, encouraged me and believed in me. Sometimes when he is talking to me about me I become overwhelmed at his vision of who he thinks Iam or can be. He is Gods messanger for me. He is affirmation of so many truths to me. Thank you for making your life a gift I can treasure. I really wish you heard my silent prayers of gratitude and desire for you some days. My words are flat in sharing what my heart holds for you. Happy Happy Birthday Shawn O Mally Love Terri