Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Driving Directions and things you should know.

Trailers, campers and tents may only be brought in and used for accommodating additional persons with permission only. Additional charges will apply. Most subdivisions do not allow trailers or tents. *Important Information: Cabins ?ARE NOT? equipped with private toiletries like bar soap, shampoo and conditioner for the bath/showers so bring these items with you. Make sure and give everyone in your group a copy of this rental agreement so they are informed of rules and information pertaining to this cabin(s) you are renting. Cabins ?ARE? equipped with: Bedding, pillows, towels, pots & pans, dishes, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, dish soap, dishwasher soap, detergent for washer, propane for gas grill. *Please call us a few days prior to your reservation so we can e mail you the driving directions and key box instructions to get to and enter cabin upon arrival. Upon arrival into the Island Park area please give us a call. We would love to meet you and take you to the cabin in person whenever possible. Driving Directions are also in attachments below. *The damage deposit will be secured with the credit card you are using to book your reservation. A damage deposit of $500.00 smaller cabins & $750 larger Lodges is required. Our cleaning staff will come in to clean and inspect the cabin right after your departure and if no damage or theft is found and/or garbage is not left behind then nothing will be charged to your credit card. 2. If damage or theft has been found or garbage has been left behind you will be notified before anything is charged to your credit card to discuss the situation. 3. At departure, you will need to take all your trash to the Island Park Landfill. Please walk around the grounds and pick up any trash and/or cigarette butts that has occurred during your stay. Prior to your departure the cabins must be left in a cleaned up manner. Guests are responsible to do your own dishes and to take trash to the dump or additional fees will be charged. 4. Please wash ALL your towels the night before departure and in the morning any towels used must also be washed. 5. Please be honest with us if anything gets broken or damaged during your stay and tell us about it so we are not surprised when we arrive to inspect and clean the cabin. ~May 15 thru labor day closed Wed. ~ After Labor Day to May 1st closed on Sundays. Dump is 1 block West off Hwy 20 on Yale/Kilgore Rd. Look for Elk Creek gas station (Phillips 66) approx. mile marker 389 traveling North /mile marker 390 traveling South on highway 20. Please take your garbage to the dump unless you are departing on the day the dump is closed make sure you take as much as you can to the dump the afternoon before you leave. If you can?t take remaining garbage with you make sure it is sacked up securely and placed where animals are not going to scatter it all over. If this happens you will be charged for the clean up. Sorry, Island Park does not have a garbage service like most cities do. *Noise & Fire arms Ordinance: Fremont County has a noise ordinance that is strictly enforced and shall be obeyed by 10 pm. It is against the law to discharge any fire arms in any subdivision in Fremont County. There are areas for target practice for info- Call: Island Park Forest Service: 208-558-7301 * Ashton Forest Service call: 208-652-7442 *Eviction notice: If guests do not obey the noise ordinance, subdivision rules and/or if we feel damage could occur to the rental property you will be instructed to depart the property immediately. You will be given 2 hours notice to depart the property. *WARNING: NO SMOKING ~ NO PETS $300.00 will be automatically deducted from your damage deposit if you let your pets inside and /or another $300.00 if the cabin smells like cigar or cigarette smoke. All of our private cabins are non-smoking. If you need a smoking facility let us know in advance. Some resorts have smoking rooms. *ATV, DIRT BIKE & SNOWMOBILE USERS When using ATV?s, Dirt Bikes and Snowmobiles in and around the private cabins or resorts, the following rules must be strictly adhered to. NO overnight vehicle or trailer parking of any kind is allowed on the road system within the Resorts or Subdivisions. ATV, Dirt Bike and Snowmobiles SPEED LIMIT on all roads within the Subdivisions and Resorts is 10 miles per hour NO ATV, Dirt Bike or Snowmobile riding is allowed within 100 feet of any cabin and/or condo buildings. Please respect other Private Cabin and Resort Owners property, do not ride ATV?S, Dirt Bikes and Snowmobiles through residential lots located throughout the Subdivisions and Resorts, vacant lots included. The golf course, including the golf cart paths, is OFF LIMITS to all ATV?S, dirt bike & Snowmobiles this includes the cart paths located at the golf course clubhouse. Pulling of any device in which individuals are riding in, or on, is prohibited on ALL ROADS within the Subdivisions and Resorts. *GUESTS MUST OBEY THE RESORT & SUBDIVISION RULES OR YOU WILL BE EVICTED: These rules have been set for your safety and the safety and well being of others. *Hot Tub Waiver: 1.Hot tubs are clean and ready for your use before your arrival. Please call us immediately when you arrive if the cabin hot tub needs attention. Please call us during your stay if hot tub needs to be serviced. We want you to have a great stay and want to accommodate you as best we can. 2.When you rent a cabin that has a hot tub you will be totally responsible if there is an accident, drowning or medical condition during your stay. In the winter months be careful because snow and ice could be around hot tub and you could slip and fall causing injury. 3.You will need to shower before entering the hot tub so hot tub will stay clean. We accept no responsibility if you end up with a rash. You accept total liability when signing hot tub waiver. 4."Please be very alert when children are around the hot tub". If hot tub needs to be drained, cleaned and refilled after your stay there will be a $50.00 charge to your credit card. 5.Legal Responsibility: The Renters will hold the Property Manager and Owners harmless from any liability suit arising from acts or omissions of the Renters while occupying the property. *Rights Reserved: Island Park Reservations reserves the right to offer alternative accommodations without legal or monetary ramifications to Island Park Reservations. We would offer alternative accommodations of equal or greater value in the event of unforeseen complications that might arise in case of an emergency, acts of god, such as but not limited to physical defects that may occur in the Cabin/Lodge/Condo you have booked, such reasons for the move could be adverse weather conditions, mechanical and/or physical complications such as broken or frozen water lines, etc. If alternative accommodations are not satisfactory a refund will be refunded to you as soon as possible. *The Property Manager or Owner will not be responsible for the damage to the Renters personal property while occupying the property. I have read this agreement and understand it?s a legal document and I/we bare responsibility for consulting with legal counsel where not understood. *Finders Keepers! Take a thorough inspection inside and outside of the rental property for any personal items that might get left behind. If items need to be mailed back to you there will be a minimum $25.00 charge. Please call or e mail us if you have any questions: *Island Park Reservations OFFICE: 208-558-9675 ~ Fax: 208-558-9676 P.O. Box 256 Island Park, Idaho 83429 drive directions:

Gps Coordinates-to get to Island Park, Idaho Latitude 44.457735,-111.371375 Longitude N44 deg. 27.4641?,W111deg.22.2825? Please print out this cabin page so you have info about the cabin and so you know what it looks like when you see it. TROPHY LODGE: 4136 Juniper Road Yale Creek Subdivision/SUMMER: Traveling North through Island Park ON HIGHWAY 20 look for mile marker 389 (traveling South look for mile marker 390) look for the Phillips 66 Station on the east side of highway 20. Turn West on Kilgore road right in front of this Phillips 66/Elk Creek gas station (YOU CAN GET trail MAPS & fishing licenses HERE) set you odometer to zero continue west on Yale/Kilgore rd approx. 4.7 miles and take a right on Yale Creek Road (if you get to the shotgun store you have went a little bit to far) you are now traveling North go several blocks and look for Beaver Springs Road, turn right on Beaver Springs and (Set your odometer to zero again and go approx. 5/10th of a mile When looking left you will see a house with a blue roof and you will turn left on Juniper Road. YOU WILL BE TRAVELING UP A STEEP HILL, CONTINUE GOING UP THE ROAD AND STAY TO THE RIGHT, YOU WILL SEE A SIGN THAT SAYS SURGAR PINE but make sure STAY TO THE RIGHT ON JUNIPER. YOU WILL SEE A HOUSE ON THE RIGHT CONTINUE UP THE ROAD AND THE TROPHY LODGE IS THE 4TH DRIVEWAY ON THE RIGHT. LOOK FOR THE LIGHT COLORED BLUE ROOF. YOU ARE THERE!! Tell everyone in your group what the key box combination is so no matter what happens during your stay everyone in your group has access to the cabin by knowing what the combination is so they can enter the cabin whenever needed. If your group gets split up or someone wants to come back to cabin early it?s not a problem to get in. We do not want to have our cabin key lost or stolen so the key lock box works great for our guests and also adds a sense of security for our cabin owners. Your key box combination during your stay will be ___________ Key must be left in lock box at all times. -- Thanks a lot! Cheri Island Park Reservations Office: 208-558-9675 Fax: 208-558-9676 Please click on following link and save to your favorites for future reference as we are adding new cabins all the time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its almost time for Island Park


So heres some things you might like to know.

1)June 5th and 6th are National Parks Free day that means we each save $25.oo!

2) there are other deals in yellowstone that weekend for a 5$ coupon for food or shopping go to

3) some of the rooms are small sleeping up to 4 so if you want your whole family to sleep together you may want to bring a blow up mattress. If you dont mind them spread out dont worry.

4) Bring a swim suit for the hot tub, bug spray and your Anderson Family Reunion shirt so we can all find one another in Yellowstone

5) Maybe Em and Shawn will go to the Park with us now that they live near by???

6) your destination should you want to map quest island Park Idaho which is 5 hours and 18 minutes for Rowleys and 348 miles. I will get an exact address when I call the realtor check in is at 4pm


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Leave It All On The Field

Grandma Bonnie and her booming cheer voice grandpa Ray learning the game as we go. Shawn and I screaming till we are horse, waving our Giggity sign. It was some incredible game Saturday. There was never an inch given either way. We started out scoring 3 to O but they came back and the fight was a serios scrapple like I have never seen. It was amazing. I was so pleased with my Goalie Rowley. He shut them Timberwolves down over and over. 15 saves. I could not have asked for more. For all the effort a trophy would have been nice, but unnecessary.By Laurie MaddoxWSL Special CorrespondentBOUNTIFUL, Utah – Senior middie Braden Lanham brought it all to Timpanogos’ state championship match-up with Spanish Fork on Saturday afternoon: 19 ground balls, nine face-off wins, one goal, one assist – and healthy respect for opposing goalie Taylor Rowley.The Timberwolves (12-5) needed it all to dispatch Spanish Fork, 7-6, and win the Utah High School Lacrosse League Division II state championship in the second game of a championship day quadruple-header at Viewmont High School.Attackman Winston Farley had three goals to lead all Timpanogos scoring, midfielder Jon Wagstaff added a goal, and attackman Stewart Handley provided two when it counted most, scoring both with under a minute left to preserve the Timberwolves’ victory.Spanish Fork (12-3) was led by attackman Algernon Baxter with three goals. Midfielder Freddie Davis added two goals and an assist for the Warriors and attackman David Takasaki added a goal. Lanham, a Division II First-Team All-State MVP, said the game’s outcome was uncertain even to him until the final 11 seconds, when he won the final face-off and shut down any attempt by Spanish Fork to tie the score and send the game into overtime.“They’re fighters, really mentally tough. The toughest thing is their goalie,” Lanham said of Rowley and his 15 saves in the championship game.The victory reversed the outcome of the only other meeting between the two teams, which Spanish Fork won, 8-6, in a regular-season game April 27.“We knew it was going to be our two teams in the championship,” Lanham said. “If you compare both of us, we’re the better team because we have so many contributing players, and they have a few star players.”Timpanogos head coach Mike Schow said he told his players at the final timeout to dig deeper than they ever had before, and the players complied. “It just showed the tenacity and heart of these boys,” he said. SF Lacrosse takes second
Story 2

Spanish Fork and Timpanogos battled for the State Division 2 Lacrosse Championship on Saturday. Warriors took a painful loss (7-6) to end up 2nd in the state.
For a building team, this is an incredible victory. Warriors fought a hard battle against Timpanogos for the Division 2 state title. First to score and ahead most of the game, Warriors' tough defense kept the Timberwolves at bay with goalie Taylor Rowley getting 17 saves.
Timpanogos defense was also strong completely shutting out Zach Christiansen and Tanner Porter who are usually top scorers. Warrior goals were made by Algee Baxter (3), Freddie Davis (2), and David Takasaki (1). Season awards include 1st Team All State Algee Baxter and 2nd Team All-State Tanner Porter. All Conference 1st Team players are Algee Baxter, Zach Christiansen, Dallin Kimber and Tanner Porter. Freddie Davis and Taylor Rowley made All Conference 2nd team.
Congratulations to head coach Jesse Thorpe, and assistant coaches Phil Dunn, Tom James and Josh Thacker. Warriors want to thank the Spanish Fork, Salem, Payson, Mapleton and Springville communities for their support.
They also want to thank Spanish Fork High School for the use of their practice field and American Leadership Academy for letting the team practice on their turf field in preparation for the state tournament.
Warriors also wish to thank the senior players who leave more than just a season, but leave the team they helped to build from the very beginning. These strong players took it upon themselves to attend camps to learn how to play the game, to find fall and winter teams to play with to improve their skills.
They have provided important leadership for the team and we gratefully send them on to other opportunities to lead and inspire others. Go Warriors!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Year of The Warriors

Tay in the grasp of the defensive team bear hug.

Tonight was yet another demonstration of what 3 1/2 hours of practice a day will do for a team. The semi finals were held in Park City tonight.Loaded with umbrellas and rain jackets we watched the Warriors consume the field. It was a tough fight for every point in the first half. The Warriors have not played on turf and had some adjusting to do.The second half ended 15 to 10. We are one happy group of mama's and papa's yelling till we were horse and shedding a few tears. I have made banana muffins for the last 2 playoff games and now they are dubbed the winning formula muffins. So Saturday at 1pm we will be in Salt Lake... somewhere, biting our nails. I will load another basket of muffins and go watch the true Final game of the season. It will be a doooozy. Oh how I love Lacrosse because Lacrosse has loved the boy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seriously Bad Hair Day

Hair our joy and the bain of our existence. Color, length, texture. Whatever you got you were wishin for something else at some point. My girls have the most beautiful hair. It has tones of butter, sand, and gold. They begged to color it by junior high. Are you kidding women die for your hair color. I mean litterally kill brain cells sitting under toxic fumes, wrapped in tinfoil for hours resulting in burned off chicken hairs.

Gabby's hair is shared by many an Anderson gene . When she was with Maddie Wendy named them frizz and fuzz when they would walk hand in hand and you were watching from the back.

We make a big deal as you enter the world to note your full head of jet black hair ( cute as a baby monkey) or the fact that you are bald as a cue ball for the first 18 months.

Last month I told Taylor that I would pay his cell phone bill if I could cut his hair. He cringed as his lovely curly ends fell to the floor. He thinks his beattles recreation is a chick magnet. And it is.. but hey Im the mom.

Im considering a yard sale based solely on hair product. After all we have 1/4 inch barrels and 1 1/2 inch barrels, straighteners with steam and ceramic flat irons, perm rollers in tight pink and loosy goosy blue, got to be cream pomade, bedhead, hair goo, big and sexy spray, styling paste and gum, and of course a color spectrum of gel for any hold you want. We have extensions in 3 colors, and no Gabby cant wear black clipped on hair to a charter school so why I ask you?? Headbands, skinny doubles, leather ties, barettes that have ducks, flowery clips, bows and hair bands clear, colored, striped . Depending on your mood you can choose a band with or without a metal bracket depending on how much whinning you crave when you remove the thing at night . Im just sayin whats the dealio?? I have loved Mollyand Ems hair pixie short and loose and long. I have hated Ginger and Amys growth rate why do they get 3 inches a month and I get 1/2 an inch. Grandma Kate had auburn hair well into her 70's I always thought it was her color, really I did. Now at 45 Jenny pulls 5 greys when she did my hair last, say it isnt so! I could care less how many decades I say I have been alive but grey hair now that says old, right?? Or is it wise and distinguished. I have tried to not be to caught up in this torant of tresses thus we have one hair variation at our home some up some down. No fishbone braids or french knots at our house. Still it has penitrated clear to the tub, There stands 5 bottles of shampoo ranging from .97 cents to 9 dollars and seventy cents. Isnt this a dead cell I ask. Why the fuss, the muss the tears, the appointments folowed by more tears. Im just wondering isnt thier something also to be said for a bad hair day. Cant we learn from a bad side ponytail, bangs cut alfalfa short or a clippy that falls loose. Dont you think its a good giggle to see hair in disaray. So I petition you lets join in freeing ourselves of this bondage to our Couf.

What if you had Finns hair front and back now thats something to think about, having a fuzzy but!