Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Friday, January 28, 2011

UVU Homecoming Surprise

Jan 27 , 2011 Texting conversation

Shawn: Want to go to the Basketball game with me. its Homecoming
Terri: I dont know Im sick and I will just be getting done with work.

****Hours Later****
S: I just flunked my Theatre test. I thought I aced it. Im so upset i cant talk about it.
T: It will be ok honey you still want to go to that game.
S: Sure why not (dejected)
****Hours later*****
S: I put my name in for the student drawing again.
T: Cool , Hey look Justins the Home Town Hero tonight. ( Beccas friend)
****Hour later****
UVU to Shawns phone: Your a finalist in the drawing
T: If you win dont be a pickle puss get all excited I hate when people just stand there
****Hour later****
UVU wins 84 to 61 against Chicago State
UVU: Over loud speaker: Shawn Rowley your the winner of the $500.00 Pinnacle prize come on down.
T: Hoot hollar! (Shawn fists in the air high 5's folks in the crowd as he descends the stadium)
****After Game****
Justin autographs Shawns check. A good night for both of them
****Ride Home***
UVU Testing Center: We are sorry the test you took earlier today was keyed wrong you did not get a 58% you have 100% sorry for any inconvenience.

Im thinkin if he hadnt failed the test I might not have wanted to be so cheery and go to the game. Had we not gone to the game get the picture.
Things are always darkest before the Pinnacle Check

Monday, January 10, 2011


And so we are there. Two of my children have reached the age where I married. Based on that awareness I have to wonder why didnt my parents tie me up and hide me in the fruit room. Surely they knew I was in no way prepared to enter into such a contract, commitment or covenant. Yet I did. We made eleven thousand dollars that first year and still felt it was enough to treat ourselves to a California vacation, complete with a moldy bug infested motel.
For there birthday we had an early celebration Sunday of balloons with two dollar bills and each got one of their favorite childhood movies Pocahontas.

So what is just around the riverbend on 1/11/11?
Taylor asked me last night ,"So what was so great about your 22nd year of life"

Noteworthy is the fact that my first year of marriage happened during my 22nd year of life.
But of greater importance are the things I learned that year.

I learned about pain and fear as I discovered the invasion of a life force I could not control entered into my young body. The big "C" cancer became my new life.

I learned about grief and loss as I lost the ability to shut my eye, close my lips, or complete a smile. Everything balanced and symetrical about my every day girlish face turned into drooping and noticeable loss.

I learned about surrender and humility. I recently heard that the surest way to make God laugh is to tell him what you have planned for your life. I hated not knowing the plan or how long the plan would hurt and feel hopeless but there was always one sure source of knowledge that could comfort and uphold me . Always through prayer rather on my knees or with hands on my head there were messages of comfort and hope that he knew me and my pain personally.
I also learned about recue and relief . Some things I could not do on my own. Your dad, my parents, siblings, nurses, docotrs, all acted as ministering angels carrying me through places and paths I could not go alone.

I learned that things get better but never all better. Not that there are no happy endings but that our story never says "The End" So while I can close my lips and shut my eyes I still have a droopy half smile and problems with my radiated teeth and ear. Some pains we keep with us.

It might sound more poetic if I could back up the magic of 22 with a fairytale honeymoon but we could only afford a weekend in Salt Lake . It would be great if I could tell about the condo we bought but we rented for the first 12 years of marriage. It would be super cute if I could talk about our new lifetime career, and pink bundles of joy but we had to wait 3 years before we could have you and well I finished school at the age of 44 and your dads hoping for his second career to launch before he is 50.

So the hope I have for you my daughters in this 22nd year is that you will realize the purpose of the pain and the sorrow is the growth. The enormous potential you have is achieved through pretty giant failures. Learn from them and move on with that great awareness. Every fine characteristic you have came from definitive moments. Life is hard and unfair for reasons you have yet to know. I can look back now and it is all clear. I no longer feel the burns or nausea of radiation but I recall that tender time and all he did to shape me.
Here is my favorite version of His Eye Is On The Sparrow it reminds me just who and why Iam when Im unsure.

I love you the mostest. Im your number one


Saturday, January 1, 2011

A whale of a good time New Years 2010

Have you had dinner and played a friendly New Years Eve game of Who wants to be a Millionare, Family Fued, or Scrabble with the family?

May I suggest that thier is much gluttony at these New Years Eve parties. One person on the boy versus girl team suggested that their team(boys) could sit out the next round and we women folk could add both the past game and the new ones score and they would still have more points. Now thats just treating us princesses like we are gluttons for punishment

Have you ever had ham, carrot sticks, artichoke dip, cake balls, cream brulee, coconut macaroons, chocolatechip craisin cookies , vienese cookies, toothfairy cupcakes, eggnog, lime slush, and not a cup but a bowl full of midnight party juice for dinner. Well thats being gluttoners .

Have you ever had a writer and his evil redhead cohort argue and litterally giggle at you for using your skills at scrabble. While you were creating beautiful words . Then when you are right say thats the urban dictionary and it shoudnt count. Thats gluttonly behavior as well .

The next morning Jan 1, 2011 after you awoke from your eggnog coma have you ever felt a need to set the record straight cause if ya did well thats gluttonous revenge. Consider yourselves walloped, thrashed, licked!!!

But you know Ill be back next year for more insatiable ravenous fun. Cause I love ya

Mirriam or Mrs. webster said

Definition: whaled
Part of Speech
1. Of Whala.[Websters] 2. To be cued. [Eve - graph theoretic]3. To have thrashed, licked or lammed. [Eve - graph theoretic]4. To be welted. [Eve - graph theoretic]5. To have cannoned or gunned. [Eve - graph theoretic]6. To be tanned or curried. [Eve - graph theoretic]7. To have starred or aced. [Eve - graph theoretic]8. To have cracked, banged or thwacked. [Eve - graph theoretic]9. To have whopped or lambasted. [Eve - graph theoretic]10. To have walloped, whacked, pounded or sloshed.[Eve - graph theoretic]
Verb Past Tense
1. Past tense conjugation of the verb whale.[Eve - graph theoretic]
Verb Base(whale)
1. Hunt for whales.[Wordnet].2. Base verb from the following inflections: whaling, whaled, whales, whaler, whalers, whalingly and whaledly.[Eve - graph theoretic]