Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkeys Abound in the Oven and Elsewhere

Well were off and runnin the Holidays are in with a bang. Thanksgiving was wonderful. I did all the cooking and it only took 2 days!! We ate played games, watched movies, ate, played games, napped ate see a trend here. I did actually make a great apple pie a moist turkey and hot rolls that rival Ginger's. All in all it was so nice to just be.. just us. Then the alarm rang and it was 4:15 AM no time to curl my hair!! Must go . So with my adds in hand I headed in the dark to WalMart. I begged Amy to come but she was smarter than I and saw no purpose. Alas it may have saved me from delivering a baby in the electronics isle. There were no parking spaces in all of the 15 acres wall Mart owns. That was my first red lag. I followed the frantic ones into the store which was grid locked with carts. So I abandoned mine and headed for my focused purchase. First a pallet of pink vacuums are falling from a 20 foot stack it was a war zone the employees could not unwrap the stack fast enough so people were tearing at the plastic shrink wrap for a $9.00 vacuum?? Then I hit housewares and I kid you not no exagerating there is a grown man on the floor in a tug of war with a woman for one of the 11 Kitchen Aid mixers they had available at the sale your sole and your dignity price of 169.99. They ended up calling EMS for the lady who I later found prone on the floor in the electronics section near a stretcher. My item was gone long gone!! I ran into literally a friens who had a bloddy hand from a toy shelf of lego's that had been pushed from the opposite side as she reached for one they all came down on her. Seriously e need a little Christmas right this very minute!! So Im out of here leaving with my dignity but no great purchase. Then a man quite literally in disgust sits down his arm load of goods right in front of me and guess what is sitting right there on the stack of totes slippers MY ITEM. Thank you mister!! And off I go to stand in line behind a lady with 2 carts of 48 inch TV's 3 of them it was a $ 3,600 day for her and a $70.00 day for me. At least until I got to the Mall... but thats another story.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Historic Day!

So Tuesday November 4th 2008 turned out to be a a pretty big deal. Im sure that voting in a new president counted but thats not what Im a talkin about. For me it was personal and Im tearing up just recalling its significance. I was a teenager when dad asked me what I wanted to do with my life. ( I now realize how important that question is for a parent) I told him I wanted to be a Psychologist. He told me that would take lots of years of school, Im sure my geometry grade gave him reason to caution me. In second grade I wanted to be a stewardess, now known as a flight attendant. Other than that there has only been one dream . I thought it was a Psychologist but the purpose of our first years of college is to set us straight on what we really want. Social Work looks at the social systems that affect people. We care about it all. Hunger, poverty, discrimination, HIV, sibling rivalry, family connections, education, culture, religion it all shapes who we become. I personally love the family system, and dreamed of a day I would be a guide in the family therapy process it was an ominous thought. Which leads me back to Tuesday my historic day. Tuesday I moved from individual therapy with 3 sisters to family therapy with everyone. I was beyond nerveous. I know how valueable change can be for people.Finding new ways of looking at one another, new memorys, new labels or no labels. I survived the hour with a prayer, Virginia Satirs teachings and a sketch pad . The 5 year old and the 40 year old all stayed interested and invested. I was moved that they wanted it enough to face the many needs for change. It will be painful and conforntive and healing. I LOVE WHAT I DO which is watching the most intimate and powerful places be explored in a human sole, often my own sole is included. I hope you celabrate your milestones , they are such great markers of where we have been and where we are headed. I still have a western family water bottle in my top drawer that Ginger drank out of right after she finished her first big race, it was significant to me that it was her first well earned reward after victory. I appreciate a family of builders all pressing beyond their comfort to be more. Go Felecia you are 1/3 done and JP you know where you are goin thats big! Keep writing your scripts Scott, Power chair on Scotty. I know most of those wheel chair door openers are broke but you keep movin across that corrupt campus to your dream. To the red head who is liven the Peach State Dream keep takin chances, And to my many sisters who day dreamed as little girls themselves, about the faces of the children you would hold as your own, you are there ! Is this great or what. Now to play the piano, paint and speak Spanish .

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It All Matters

Well it has been a long weekend for Becca. Her throwing coach died Thursay. She took a job her last year of High School working in a Bakery at 4am. She did this so she could afford to drive to Salt Lake and practice with Bish and Anna. She feels lost without him. He would hug her when she came on the field and rub her head and say " how ya throwin today. I think you can go to Nationals Becca. " I dont know what Bish taught her, Im sure he had mad skills but I know how he made her feel. I know it was a shock to loose him he was only 50 something. But isnt that how it is, no warning to wear underwear without holes, make up with your brother, or kiss your baby. There are many things Becca could remember about Bish but while we sat in Lions Park Thursday all she could talk about was his goodness, and his crazy knee socks and shorts. I can only hope when I die there are people who remember me for the goodness I leave, but until then I can work on it while Im here. So for starters do you know how deeply I love you, that I think of you many times ina week or even a day. Do you know that I think I have a charmed life because you are in it.

Love Terri