Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Draper Temple open house began this Thursday. Saturday night Shawn and I took Gab, Tay and two of his buddy's to viewe it. Draper holds no romance for me. I think if you turn left at the exit you can go to the Utah Penitentiary ..but if you turn right you will end up on the mountain tops at the Draper Temple. We waited with what is believed to be 13,000 people that night to attend the open house. We sat in a near by ward house for over an hour ; waiting for a bus to take us the 6 miles further up the mountain to our destination. An hour sitting in the chapel elbow to elbow challenges reverence, particularly for 16 year old boys. They gave each other charlie horses and dead legs and occasionally I caught Shawn twisting someones ear and giving them the hairy eyeball. Not sure if he was promoting their reverence or joining ranks, probably both. Well the wait was worth it. Draper has new romance. What an exquisite place . Shawn touched nearly every piece of african wood amazed at the joints and details.I could not believe the murals that seemed nearly real. Did you know that people are called on art missions?. We were all taken in by the enormity of work done to absolute precision. The tour itself would be worth it if you were interested only in seeing an art exhibit. Shawn liked Rescue of the lost Lamb by MinervaTeichert. I loved a Simon Dewey called Why weepest thou, it was huge. Parson, Brickey, Bloch tons of beautiful art. The sego lily flower is etched in glass, carpet and even some wood, I think. Once you reached the sealing rooms they took us in small groups to sit in the room and here a couple testify of Gods plan for families. It was really beautiful in so many ways. Gabby just kept whispering curious questions all the way threw. She was thrilled to hear they have a room that will accomodate up to 75 people. I guess she wants lots of us to be there. She asked if she gets to say vows . I said no. Then do we get to kiss, she said kind of irritated. I said yes that you get to do. She wanted to kneel across a sacred place. I couldnt let her do that but I will be there on the day that she can. We all looked into the mirrors that extended into the distance.The temple doesnt have clothing rental or a cafeteria but it was amazing. So as in all of lifes choices when you exit choose the right the view and the feeling will be well worth the drive.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today is the actual Birthday of my twin daughters. I think the greatest gift I ever gave them was to have each other . Many of us have a twinner some are not sisters just good friend who loves to read what we read or shares your love of sewing or running. Its hard to admit that when we get to know someone and realize " Hey they are alot like me " we like them more. Im so greatful for Sally who takes my mom to town and has lunch. For Karen who has embraced not one but 2 of my sisters looking to compliment them with kindness. Im glad we have Presidency meetings and Relief Societ Birthday Dinners and girls night out to add to our pool of people who we share our lives with. Now about my resolution to be honest and proclaiming my favorite sister.......? Jenner took it upon herself to salvage my crazy disorganized blog. I think its repayment for my boxed rock collection I gave her the day I left for Ricks College in 1982. She sat next to me on the bed and I remember the way she looked at me. I knew we were forever bonded in our love and admiration of one another. I claimed her when she came home from the hospital, precious little round pink and bald child. I still claim her as my twinner we share many similiar beliefs and ideals. Im surprised how many times my sisters are cooking what Im cooking for dinner or buy the same shirt or wall sconce I buy when we are out. I love that we connect in so many great ways. I feel whole and loved. Thank you for all the kindness and extra special doings related to being a sister and friend. I love my new blog!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have 2 babies that turn 20 on January 11th. Yes babies its a mothers right to forever claim her children at any age as her "babies" Its kind of like declaring a connection no one else can share. It states I have loved you longer than anyone else, I know things about you that you dont even know about yourself. And of greater importance it says this is a gift God gave me and though she has ever evolved and can care for herself I have never forgotten that she is my precious package and I will still protect and cherish her as I did the day he gave her to me.
While some of the journey has been long some memories are so fresh they are in blue ray high definition in my mind. It has been the most rewarding and transforming experience to be Katherine Ariels and Rebecca Erin's mom or mommy as Kate calls me. I decided I would write 20 things I have learned in the past 2 decades as a mother, most I wish I had known before I created tears, and personal suffering.

Year 1- Sunshine literally can dwell in your soul thats why Kates song is Sunshine on my Shoulders and Becca's is You are my sunshine I still get weepy when I hear them.
Year2- Size is not an indicator of capacity. ( I ran my first 5k when I realized they had tipped over the laundry basket to stand on it and unlocked the door and took their floaty
with them)
Year3- When washing that many panties white cotton is a better option than little mermaid
silkies, they hold up better to bleaching.

Year4- A child cannot clean a playroom by themselves its overwhelming, we have to work
with them and then go back when their napping and do it to our standard. ( Sorry girls they are still mad at me for this one, besides Brit and Savannah made the mess not them!)

Year5- Kindergarten is a long play session with friends... only I have to drive both ways ...that aint right.
Year6- It is not the cap on their future if they cant read or count to 100 yet. Find a book they
like that has no Jane ,Dick or Spot in it rather dragons and fairies

Year7 Picture day is a reflection of them not you let them wear their Halloween necklace.

Year8 "And a little child shall lead them." A child will bring home runny nosed, neighbors children for every meal if they can. They dont care if the house is dirty or if there will be less for them, and they will not hesitate to give a Book of Mormon to the unapproachable, then invite them to Home Evening and pause long enough to ask them why their teeth are so yellow

Year9 Being poor does not mean being impovrished .Children prefer to build forts out of
couch cushions and blankets, eat saltines and raw spagetti like its a treat and sleep in
refrigerator boxes... because its fun!

Year10 Rarely will missing a day of school hurt your child. Sometimes there is more to
be gained standing in line with their Dad to see Star Wars for the First Time or
having National Slacker Day at home with mom and having ice cream for breakfast and doing no work . Go on vacation when it works for you.
Year 11 There is alot to be learned from a bad or a "mean" teacher not just for you but your child to. Dont save them from every pain. Refinement happens in a fire. If it gets to hot kick some fanny.

Year12 Want to be a hero joyfully volunteer to do the Christmas Party in their class. Go on the
fieldtrip or be their softball coach.

Year13 Kill them with Kindness the snottyer they get the more lipstick notes they need on
the mirror. ( Trust me on this one there aint no pretty when the pretty leaves ya Stay
Year14 Friday Friends Breakfast one of the best ideas I ever had. Bring anyone you want to
eat pancakes before school. Their are kids you did not birth that need a pancake and a breakfast prayer. But you wont know that until they are old enough to share what that meant to them.

Year15 Moving is hard on kids but tares a parents heart out to see them sad. Get over it,
their really worthwhile friends follow them anywhere rather by a letter, plane, or email
and... they make new friends.

Year 16 I understand Satans plan and now agree with it!! Please let me make the decisions
and they will all get home safely.
Year17 "Did you just say (do) that!" This is a lesson you will have many times. I know I did and said plenty of things I regret, mostly as a kid but sometimes still as an adult. Truth is the frontal cortex where we reason develops slower, and ..well... the mouth is moving way to fast for it to keep up and monitor very well before the age of 19 or 20 . Just expect dumb things to happen

Year 18 Stop in the name of Love before you break my heart. I say slow down stay little , Ive stood on my tip toes and pushed your shoulders back towards earth. But I also push the concept of growing up and responsibility on you every opportunity I can. I wish I could balance the two better.

Year19 I worry more now than when it was required to do so. If you go to bed tonight and
all of your children are asleep in a room you can walk to and see them, go to
sleep and breath a sigh of joy.

Year 20 I love you forever I will like you for always forever and ever my baby you will be. Happy Birthday Katie Did and Becca Boo