Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Car ee

In March of 2001 I drove my first new car home. That was back when they looked like this:

In March of 2011 that same car turned over 220,000 miles. Last week I heard a noise that told me I needed to call Steve (mechanic) right away. I said Steve Im worried it sounds like she is making the death rattle. I left it and he never called back. 4 hours later I called him to ask what he found. He said I didnt want to call you its not good. And that was it Car ee was officially finished serving. Now maybe you shouldnt be attached to an inanimate object but Iam . This silly chestnut colored car has carried my family from the time Gabber was 5.

Being a very emotive person pardon me if I cry a little over the events of a decade I shared with a car.

If your going to live in a car as a chauffer you should like your car. I loved my car it came from the show room and in to my driveway.Idrove home listening to Diana Krawl and was certain everyone on the road was admiring my new ride. Every car before it was bought with over 100,000 milesa already in place. It was my incredible luxury van.

My children grew up in this car. One day I jumped out with her running and ran into the house to collect kids. Kate ran out and as she got in it started to roll backwards. She tried to stop it with her little self holding it back. The open door took out the fence as she went into the road. Luckily Kate was fine.

All my children learned to drive in this vehicle one of them drove Caree through the garage door and she was right as rain. I ran her into the tail light of another van, a motorcycle ran head on into the passenger door, and a ford focus tried to take of her bumper , but she prevailed scars in tact.

We have been to Boise Idaho, Sandiego and Anaheim California , Yellowstone Wyoming and all over Utah. If it was important she carried us to funerals, showers, triathelons, blessings , weddings baptisms and camps.

We enjoyed so many moments as a family together in that car. The VCR was on many trips playing Disney movies or Harry Potter. We made it 3 times to Disney land blareing Journeys "The Wheels in the sky" every time.

Saturday we struggled with buying a another van or SUV to fit us all, or an economical car that will carry me all over the county every day. I have a lump in my throat realizing that we are beyond driving little kids to practices, and lessons. 3 of my children have a car. So we bought the car a professional would drive to work. She isnt a peacock but she is awesome to me. After all she heats up! She has great gas mileage, and she has a 100,000 mile warranty. I do like the sun roof and the keyless start ( its a pretty big deal) So I introduce Mia. She is me az new kia. I know Im rediculous play along. I hope she is half as reliable and magical as my Car ee

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Was It Positive Velcro or The Luck Of The Irish

So I be wonderin in the wee part of the week if I bejenxed or I be up for havin a bonie good time. Apparently the good times be dancin a jig at me door.
Monday I picked Gab from school late so she could work on a sewing priject. When I got there she was with a friend and said she couldnt leave. Her friend looked very concerned and tearful. it turns out she had a missing sister andd they had been looking for sometime. I said noproblem and waited for 45 more minutes till they found her. I took this picture of noodle as she tried to climb the fence and look in un assuming places. They finally found her . I was so pleased that Gabby knew when it was time to go beyond the mark for someone.
Tuesday i went to my morning meetings and was approached by our Director Casey. He gave me tickets to the movies and a certificate for employee of the month. My supervisor had said these great things about me. It was so gratifying to have my work acknowledged.
Terri is saving DCFS hundreds of dollars a month!! She is working with one family and about 7-8 individual clients per week clinically. She is an amazing RFC.

Terri is available to her families on the weekends for emergencies. She truly cares for the foster families and foster children that she works with. She does extra things to help them with problems or issues that they are having (One foster child who struggles, she often takes for an ice cream cone so that he can have a few minutes just to talk with someone about how his day is going. He is 9 and likes the extra attention as there are two other foster children and four bio kids in his home. ) She has 26 level three homes that she works with to do what is best for the foster children in their homes. If it is best for a foster family to keep a child, she will meet with that family as often as needed (even daily!) to work on issues that will keep the child in the home. If there is an issue with a foster family, she will work head on with the family to confront the issue or to encourage them to make necessary changes as needed. She attends CFTM's and court hearings to support caseworkers, children and families. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help out. She is one worker who tells people that she loves her job!

Thanks Terri for being a valuable member of our Region!!
Wednesday I got pulled over leaving a meeting and the officer said he liked me and gave me a ticket for 5 not 20 over the speed limit now thats positive velcro doin over time.
Thursday I got up dyed the milk green and baked all day for the Relief Society dinner and the Lacrosse dinner. Then I spoke about sister Barbara Smith the General Relief Society President for 1974-1984 she was amazing. Taking on Phil Donahue, ERA, and bringing Relief Society to the world in a 3 hour block schedule. I had a friend approach me saying "I was freezing I had to go diggin threw the coat closet to find something to wear. I looked at her and said I have been looking for that sweater for 3 months. We both got a great laugh out of it. Sweater found!
Friday the Warriors won 2 of 2 games in their tournament.
Saturday I rode with Amy up to the baby shower. Felicia is so pretty her complexion is flawless and she is ready to hold her daughetr. Mom was gracious and we had lots of food and fun. Gabby made this bib for the baby. I got to see nieces and nephews and lots of family.
Saturday Taylor could have up to 4 more games. It was so cold and they were rippin around that field. Every game was an elimination and they just kept playing. I got thier after game 2 Taylor was stellar. They played several division 1 teams . Olympus took the title from us 3 to 1 in the last game but we were elated with what we saw from our kids. 8 of the 40 boys are in my ward. Its great to sit together and use our lacrosse voices. Taylor was given one of 4 most valueable player awards given out to over 18 teams. They gave him a new head for his stick. In fact the very head he has wanted even his cherished orange. We celebrated with soup and lots of breadsticks and of course mussels for Taylor at Olive Garden.
What a really really good week .

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Need Spring

More than ever before Im so happy to see the Vitamin rich SUN. I have had the dreary blues and I can start to feel little twangings of a happier spirit. Taylor had his first game in Riverton it was so fun to sit on the grass and cheer them on. Im going to do the spring grass treatment today and I see the tulips are bursting through the earth. Thursday I get to die our milk green and make green jello cake and mint brownies for 45 hungry boys. Saturday next I get to celebrate the soon to be spring arrival of JP's and Felicia's little girl. I also bought my husband with the $500.00 he won his first real live brand new Ipod Touch he is so happy. Im half asleep and he jars me awake to look at footage of the tsunami and tidle waves in Japan. It will be Easter and conference weekend soon. And Aidy gets baptised in just a few weeks. Life will be wet, green musical and joyful........... Truth is I havent felt very pleasant and Ive noticed unpleasant is a magnet for more unpleasant so Im going to put on my positive velcro and test the theory. Maybe just thinking in pleasantries will create pleasantness.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bull in a China Shop



Perhaps you have heard of Gabbys bucket list. She gets razzed about it by many its quite large. Once someone asked" Are you dying soon?" she responded "No Im living!" So when her friends took her to the free buck off at the rodio grounds she watched in amazement as young and old rode the bulls or bronks. Then she found out for a mere $15.00 anyone could try. And so it was on the list . We avoided the decision but said we would check it out. So on Monday I let her sign up. When her dad got there and watched he looked at me like I had put his precious china on the back of a snorting 1000 pound china crusher. We watched many a man dodge a bullet by not get stepped on or speared with a horn or even rolled over. Shawn said" I didnt bring my 45 I cant shoot that bull if it tries to hurt my daughter." He was a little sick watching. I told him with uncertain confidence that no one was gonna put a 15 year old girl in that much danger,(but I was nerveous). She walked over to get in the line up, the only girl to ride. They padded her up and out of the shoot she went. I counted 3 seconds start to finish that she was on that bull. But she throws her arms in the air like its a great triumph. I said "Noodle well how do you feel now?" she says"accomplished" Are you kidding me? Accomplished. I take another lesson from a child. I set the bar so high and so far out on the end design I forget about the journey. I want to take one piano lesson one water color class one day of dieting and end it with my arms in the air saying "accomplished!" So here goes This is my 100th blog....accomplished! What a gem of an experience. Gabrielle Geneva you are pure inspiration because your unafraid of persperation. Fear before a difficult situation is being timid, fear and flight during a difficutl situation is called cowardly and fear after a difficult situation is called courage. That was so courageous.