Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Car'ee is fine...Me not so much

A week ago today I was rearended on my way to my night group. I watched from my rear view mirror as the woman was looking left and not breaking. Im sure I tensed up and well I thought from the sound of things and the fact that my change drawer and CD changer were thrown out of their compartments that it was the end of my so named vehicle "Car'ee. But she looks pretty good. I however knew quickly that I was not. So I have not made my bed in a week, mostly because Im in it more than not . I started seeing Dr. Cook yesterday for Chiropractic work and he thinks we will be friends threw the holidays acording to my nerve endings and vertebrae. So here we go with a new chapter in my book that I didnt intend to write. I dont like ice on my back , tingling fingers and legs, nor do I like the sound of my back cracking, but I can do this.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shawn Taylor Eagle Court of Honor

Taylor had a promised gift if he would complete his Eagle. He texted his dad at noon Monday to say hey what ya doing today want to take me shootin.

Eagle Scout Uncle Scott helps us figure out the neckerchief.

Gordo and Taylro

Sunday night Taylor joined the 2% who become Eagle Scouts. It was a memorable week of preperation capped off with a beautiful ceremony. Im certain that close to 140 were in attendance. I loved the videography Amy created with my pictures it was touching as she knows I cried when we chose the music it was so perfect for Taylor. Jesus said love everyone/ Armys of Helman. I thought the National Anthem was moving and the assembly of the Eagles nest. I was over joyed it was a perfect night . Taylor giggled out loud when he saw "Gordo" Jordan his friend in a suit.On our way to baptise Taylor Jordon was outside kickinga ball in his yard. I rolled down the window and yelled " Gordo Taylors getting baptised right now." He just took of running for the church barefoot. I love that story. Thank you for coming mom, dad, Justin, Em, Amy, Scott and all your cute kids. Thanks for food, videos, and scout uniforms, handing out programs Cal, and simply suporting us as you have always done, even those who sent happy well wishes. It reallly is that big of a deal. I wish they had a way for men to earn their Eagle Scout I know my husband sure wishes he had that opportunity. I think some things we do in our our lives are what I call a "truth forward" a message we carry about who we are and how we invision our selves. I hope this is one of those milestones that squares the shoulders of a boy moving him froma boy who learns about commitments to a man who understands covenants.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Im Every Woman .....its all in me

So recently Ive added some demension to my life some more painful than others. I recently took the Ragnar challenge. Im a sucker for a sentimental moment and this proves to be such running a race with ALL my siblings and some other folks I love. I have progressively added 5 minutes a week to my walking. The dogs sure like it but my feet and hips not sa much. I concluded that my payless skater shoes may not be the thing if Im going to be serious about this, and Iam you know...serious that is. So my husband escorted me to the "Sweet feet" thats not its name but it is now. Grace helped me all alone in the store and now I have some AWESOME shoes. I also have a $10.00 pair of socks sweet mercy thats more money than I like to spend on shoes! But none the less Im now moving forward.

Secondly I claim unabashedly (correct my spelling Kenz) Im a recent purse snob. Got a Coach last year as a gift from a friend. Then I saw Jennys and carried it around the mall while I was in Boise. I walked around like I was Parris Hilton only in a shopko sweatshirt . Im a mystery to peeps. So I want to send out a HUGE thank you to the guru of all things classy Missy Karen ( Scottys sister) who went to New York and brought back my new wine colored love and then mailed it to me free of charge. Now lets keeep this in perspective my last pedicure was done by 8 yr old Anna so I dont think Im steppin to far out in the glamour world. But hey its nice to have a classy little somethin...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eagle Scout

So almost a year ago Tay started the EAGLE PROJECT!!! Creating Birthday bags for the food and Care Coalition. It was a creative and well appreciated idea by the Scout Board and the community. It took several more months to talk Taylor into writing a paper about his leadership skills and good qualities. Kind of like pulling teeth. I did get to write a letter of recommend and I was honored to do so. I have included that letter because I think he should know how I feel about him as a person not just as my son. Taylor is not one to make a big deal about things. So a phone call from the Scouting Chair tonight to see if we were ready for his court of honor was .....well.. shocking. He forgot to tell us, didnt think it was a big deal.
It is a big deal!

So Im using this format to announce

Shawn Taylor Rowley has earned his Eagle Scout and we will be holding his court of honor Sunday Sept 19th at 7pm. ( If I can hot glue all of his badges on his bandalo in time) Friends are invited to our home at 5pm to share some light food fare, mostly pizza, deviled eggs , and bread pudding if Taylor has his way.

As a family we are so pleased and honored that he has accomplished this Rank in Scouting. We love him dearly.

Below is the flyer he used and the letter I wrote.

In the words of Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake!”
Hello my name is Taylor Rowley and I am currently doing my eagle project!
I am gathering the following items:

Cake mixes (any flavor)
Frosting in a can (also any flavor)
Also $5 will purchase a full bag if you don’t have the items!
The reason for gathering these items is to create a birthday bag to donate to the Food bank down in Provo. With the economy the way it is there are definitely some children who aren’t able to celebrate their birthdays. Please help me gather these items so that these children in need may have at least a very small birthday party! Every thing helps! I will be coming around on this Saturday, the 21st of November, to pick up any items you are willing to donate. Please just leave anything you are donating on your porch in bags. For money donations just put it in a bag weighed down with rocks or something else heavy on the porch.
Thank you very much in advance for anything you can donate!

May 15, 2010

To the Scout Review Board;

In regards to Shawn Taylor Rowley. Taylor is my son. It is hard to qualify or quantify what that means in terms of a letter of recommendation. He is the finest young man I know. That may seem like a casual indicator of a young mans qualities coming from his mother, so let me expound.

Taylor is honorable. He knows who he is and is comfortable in his skin. He is not the try and fit in kid. He avoids trouble. His head is level and his heart is most often in a good place.

Taylor is generous. He gives of his time and talents. Willing to help a new neighbor move in on an early Saturday morning. Plays with small children who endlessly jump on his back and seek his attention. He is at the Hearthstone Manor or Pioneer Villa most Sunday mornings serving the elderly. He is the first to hold open a door for a stranger and help them carry something in. He is easy to call upon because there is no sense of drudgery or unpleasant duty from him. If it needs to be done cheerfully, you ask my son. That’s true for chores at home to (minus folding socks, he is no fan of that).

Taylor is a leader. Not the boisterous standout and be seen type. He is silly and lighthearted but typically a quieter person. His example is what draws adults towards him. He knows how to encourage. He does not use guilt or shaming he simply knows how to reach people. Individuals can be in a very bad place emotionally, spiritually or mentally and Taylor will know what to say to sooth and lighten that soul. He will demonstrate the path to follow.

I strongly and joyfully recommend that Taylor Rowley is ready in every way to become an Eagle Scout. When you meet him you will see there is no pretense no hidden agenda. He is soft and easy. He does not sale himself well and dislikes doing so. He is the epitome of what a scout should be. You can observe him at a distance and know he has to be a Scout.

Sincerely Terri Rowley

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week long Party

So its official Im 46years of wisdom now. That must be a big deal cause I got a week long party. On the 30th my husband put together a very SWEET surprise party. Lots of family and friends. Favorite cupcakes and pizza and a pretty pleased Shawn that he pulled off this giant surprise.I had no idea apparent by the fact I had not showered or dressed for the day beyond my dog walking clothes and ponytail. Thanks to Mom and Dad, Ginger and Amy and their sweet families, the very busy students John and Felicia, and my friend Stacey and her kids for coming. It was so thoughtful and loving.

That night at 10:45 we went to pick Kate up from the airport she had been gone for 70 days. Becca bolted from the car before we were parked and Gab abd Tay were hot on her heels. Shawn and I stayed with the car at the curb. Here she comes I can here her beforew I see her. over and over yelling " Happy Birthday mommy Im home" That was a wonderful gift.

Tuesday was actually my Birthday and most of the day was spent in traffic headed to the John Mayer concert and retrieving Gab from Tooele to go with us. It was a girls day and we had a blast singing and dancing the entire concert. John should sing and not talk .

Wednesday my neighborhood friends took me to Thai food we shared and laughed it was wonderful.

Friday I left for Boise with Mom and Dad. We played list that all the way there. I learned about favorite snacks, prayers they say, daily rituals, influential people. It was great, I cherish those rides alone with my parents . Dawson was baptised Saturday. He is such a sweet boy truely a gentle kind boy. Jen took me to more Thai food to celebrate my birthday Friday night. We ate from appetizer to desserts great food.

Labor Day I was back home and once thge weeding and repairs were done Shawn took me to see Leo Decaprios movie . Apparently Leo isnt my guy thats his second "oh my gosh you got to see that" movie that I thought was ok but not worth a second look. Didnt love the boat movie(Titanic) any more that Inception.

I did love the week because the week sure loved me. My cup is full and I thank you for all for making me feel truely special.