Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The first Day of School

Gabber went back to American Leadership Academy on Aug 18. She made the volley ball team. She is taking Geometry, Military History, and a Debate class she is excited about. School lunch yesterday was a very watery bean burrito with some alien meat in it. She intends to never be tortured again by school lunch. Her bus stop is 5 blocks away and when she leaves 5 minutes before it arrives I ask how thats gonna work out for her and she said" Ive gotten pretty good at running for the bus" So begins another year of high anxiety as they both tinker around the house until the bell is nearly ringing in my ear and I practice not reacting but making a plan of action. Like "bedtime at 8:00 if your late."

Taylor I mean Shawn has transferred to Spanish Fork High he needs a handful of courses to graduate. He wanted to be where the Lacrosse team friends were and we conceded. He will be done in Dec. Becca cut his hair and we bought some spiffy clothes that talk about the gang on his street with big bird on them or Dr Seuss stating the Dr. is in the house. This morning he tried to leave for picture day in a shirt that said game over with a bride and groom on it. He drives "the chalk board" leaking a pint of oil a day, to school He ate no school lunch but went to Carls Junior and had 3 dollars worth of spicy chicken sandwichs. He has welding, advanced wood working, auto body, english and more english. His back to school blessing spoke of a faraway people and language in his future he should prepare for. I did not yell out in the middle of it. I constrained myself since I have taught him to make tuna sandwichs and have prepared myself for his Colorado Mission, ( it works best for my psyche). Kate gets home Monday after touring New York and Washington DC when I talk to her she is horse from camp cheers and crying alot because camp is over . Becca has the opportunity to work as a personal trainer for both golds gym and the Orem Rec center and to help with the Timpview track team. Shawn starts micro biology today. Im walking the dogs at a quicker pace than usual because we have to walk a looooong time before we can run. And so it goes...and so it goes....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All to make me happy

So I had a wonderful weekend . Jenny decided I had hinted and wined long enough about no one coming to my house to visit that she made a very hasty unexpected summer plan to do so. She even told Amy it was "a trip to see Terri" How wonderful is that. Jen asked if we could have a sisters camp out in my tent trailor. Since the poor thing has not been opened this season It was a great idea. Wendy and Maddie joined her and Anna and Paige for the adventure . ALL the kids stayed with Scotty Friday night ( thank you oh patient one) and Amy came over and brought her gourmet tinfoil dinners and up the Spanish Fork Canyon we headed. We ate, laughed, played games, and,did tradsies. Those more refined were gaging in the out house and didnt sit on the seat . It was heavenly fun from sister gifts to crem brulee smores. Loved it all. Im hoping it becomes a yearly tradition for any sisters who wants to do Ninja games and smell like a camp fire, to come to sister camp out in the teeter totter trailor. I wish I had a camera because their were some pricelss moments riding the broom, the mouse who pooped in Amys shoes, "pants on the ground " Jenny, etc. The memory is a cherished one for this summer.

Now if I may combine one joy with another. I want to talk about the man who hooked up the lights to the trailor, charged the battery, cut fire wood, made smores sticks,pulled the thing up the canyon and then set it up alone. The same man who came back near midnight to make sure their was no fowl play happening to us. Went home got up at 6 to be to work early so he could come back and finish his tent trailor clean up. Who does that?? No smore, no fun, no big laughs for him. He just kept asking me if I was happy having my sisters with me. And I was so very happy. A great deal of my happiness comes at the sacrifice of my sweet husband. I dare say most of the things I do would be like eatting cold margarine without his support and love. But for me life is so enhanced because of all he is to and for me . It all tastes like melted butta was added. There is little he wouldnt do to please me. I just want to say Im aware and greatful for the life of ease I have because he gives 125%. Thank you honey for your unconditional love. You really are the wind beneath my wings.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Savanna Lynn Luker July 31 2010

This one goes out to the girl who shares my name and love of brownies. What a wonderful day! The temple was lovely and placid inside except for Brit who was late late late for a very important date and certain she looked as frazzled as she felt. As usual she was beautiful and should not have been so worried.

The sealer had many things to teach and I just sat across from your father wondering what was going through his mind as he sat their watching you and glancing frequently at your mother.

It was such a warm day and the buzz outside was almost like paparazzi trying to get a picture of you. Becca had 3 inch heels and a pencil skirt on. She a was sweating like crazy from chasing children in a park on a 95 degree day. Bless the hearts of all those who watched little people whywe were inside.

Then we stopped at snowville only to run into you. I cant believe you had to eat greasy lamp heated food out of a deli case on on your wedding day. It made me laugh. Shawn said we did the same thing.

The reception was homemade with love, every bit from flowers to cupcakes gazebos to your music playlist. Every effort was personal for you. I called to talk to what I expected to be your frazzled mother the day before. All I got was serene and happy. She was looking forward to doing all of it for you and sharing with you how pleased she was in your choices.

I loved the puppies crawling on little boys in ties, and children playing in the calvert ditch. I loved the whipped cream frosting that was on my knuckles all night, I loved that Molly ordered pizza and ate it with her kids on the front lawn, I loved the warmth I felt by being there with so many people who cared for one another. I loved seeing Glena Turner and the Green's people dear to my heart. I loved when I left the kitchen just long enough to hug you and I told your new husband that" He got the pick of the litter". I wanted to kick myself 1/3 of a second after I said it. Your not a dog and your sisters are as fine and wonderful as any could be. I just wanted him to know what a catch , a gem, apple of my eye, the sweet thing that you are. I think he got it. I hope he always gets it.

I love you Bana thanks for sharing your wonderful wedding with us.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Just a day in our life

So its Friday. My day off that means I get to be home and do what moms do.

Sweep, dust, laundry, water garden.Text Kate on her day off. She tells me she will be home for my Birthday and wants to work with special needs kids for a year in a foreign country. I help the noodle by quickly washing camp fire smoked clothing and then sit down with Tay to write a hypothesis for his research paper. Taylor is finishing up an assignment for a UVU Sociology class. It will save him a credit for his one semester fun packed senior year.

Its not lost on me that my children are speeding through life. Particularly today as Ginger is speeding through Salt Lake construction to pick up her missionary. What a long 2 years for a mom, she must be beyond elation to get Iker home safe and having successfully accomplished all he sat out to do .

So I guess I cleaned up the computer desk and "accidentally" disgarded an important log in number for UVU. Tay had to dig in the garbage to locate it and this is the quote he gives me.

" Dont you be waiting for me to leave on a mission so you can clean my room . I dont want to come home and find out you threw a way my pokeman cards. Those things are gonna be worth bank someday."

Oh man I love being home with my kids. Now Gabby's chasing Taylor around the house because he is eatting her giant marshmellows and she didnt say he could. She did just offer to pay for the third year of his mission. Does it get any better.