Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Friday, September 30, 2011

Camp Pine Dell Aug 10-13, 2011

Its been 7 weeks since the actual family reunion but I opened a file of pictures this morning and I was right back there in my happy place. What a great 4 days we had together. I caravaned with Amy and Scott who rescued us from our cramped quarters taking on Gabby and coolers. Mom and dad joined our brigade as we headed into Idaho. We stopped at most of the known truck stops to man and a few other little places along the way including Costco. There was not one square inch of space left in any car that did not have hot dog buns or a watermellon in it.

The drive through Twin Falls was tapping 30 year old memories . Then we arrived at our destination and the delights began. For me the hilights are often the same with a fresh varnishing of sillyness , love and laughter. So here again are my favorites.

The kids playing unabashedly shamelessly covered in dirt, gogurt, toilet water, soot and marshmellow. If you can wear out a dirt hill sliding down it or a trail to a cabin for another private club party then it was done. I love that Zander delights in being a bouncer( do you have a ticket), Ethan a camp fire choir director with an English accent ( I got some in my caaaw),Bailey a tye dye expert( 4 pair of socks), Chloe the next generations late night game leader, Olivia the fastest thighs to ever sport a pair of Tina Turner leg warmers( you rocked it) .I loved that Ike, Ken, Kate, Bec, Tay all hiked together, that GJ and Tay disappear for and afternoon to share and catch up. That we sit together as friends for hours playing cards, singing disney songs, and bid in a frenzy with one another for a home made pillow or a bag of gummy sharks. Im forever bonded to the Holyoaks via the tail of our night in the mouses house, (get out of our cheezits and dont poll vault onto Gabby!) I love that we can all sing Journey or Jason Maraz songs at a drop of a hat to bolster a talent that needs support. Mostly I love that we are pretty happy together being ourselves.