Things I Appreciate Right This Minute

  • Energetic school teachers
  • A garage free of mice and clutter
  • 82 degrees by day 62 degrees by night
  • Birthday lunch Plans with my sisters mom and maybe my brother(Felicia your on the sister list)? !!!
  • fresh salsa and peach crisp

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Farewell 233 South

This is the house all tattered and torn that Shawn rebuilt. Iam the maid on a visionless throne who sat around in dreadful mourn when I saw what could happen to my beloved home. Well I wish I could describe the horror but lets just say the change was amazing. We loved this house, it was ours. I loved the neighbors, the peaches, the christmas box fire in the fireplace, the tree we planted, the friends we made it was a romantic and wonderful time. I still love that house and before we went to close on Friday the 13th we had yet another good bye. On another time we sold the house all the kids came to meet us for sushi and pizza on a blanket and shared memories told of each room in the house. Its hard to believe after 18 months on the market and collecting the earnest money of 3 buyers that we would close on a Friday the 13th. I dared not speak it till the money cleared our account. But I have to say that with all the prayers fasting tears and anguish. I knew the father was aware of things I could not know. I have had many months where I wanted that money but only recently did we truely need the money. Its funny odd how our direction can shift and the plans and thoughts of 60 days ago are rewritten for a new time. It would have been a pleasure to sale that little love shack for a hunk of money and go sail the Isles of Greece; but there is something more commanding about a need when filled. Needs have a softer humbler gratitude. You can quietly reflect on the power of a tender mercy. I really wanted to make alot of temporal wishes realized with the money of a house sold a year ago. Today the sale will literally purchase peace. Truth be known if I were honest with myself and could only chose one ...the Greek isles or Peace .I would take peace, Peace is not very frilly and fun to talk about; but it is sacred and humbling when you get just what you need after pleading for what you wanted for so long. How can there not be a higher power??

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

So Ive been driving a volkswagon jetta for a week. Gabber thinks we should just keep it and let the rental company take the van. I say nada . I love my van. The day I got it I played Diana Krawl and deemed it the jazz van because it was so sophisticated. It was state of the art in 2000 and it is still pretty spiffy to me. The fact that it costs me zero dollars and zero cents in a payment helps to. Well its all done being fixed . No more electrical tape holding on the mirror! $1,600 dollars later Im rarin to go...or so I thought. I went to open the sliding door and the handle just busted off in my hand are you freakin serious!!! So I went to the rental company said they werent gettin back Gabbys jetta anytime soon and a auto body guy drove with me to the other shop picked it up from one lot and drove it to another shop for more repairs. Gad zukes whats next??? In all fairness we love our mechanic Big o said $900 for new ball joints his bill $280.00 I said how can it be such a difference he said. I gotta sleep at night.
So happy 13th and dont be watchin any of those Jason movies!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Winner is

Em for " Simon and Garfunkle the early years". You think I forgot your game huh Ging?? Well I did but I just saw that post and all the comments, which were very fun so lets play another round. Pick a picture and we will title it Em.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Its comin around again

"Im tired" I seem to be saying that alot lately. Im not a good sleeper but Iam a great lamenter. Seems I can lay awake thinking, ruminating and worrying. Sometimes when there are no sheep I count " what ifs?" As of late their seems to be alot of them "what if's?" The state of the nation, the plungeing economy, or the political unrest and pain in the world are all good fodder
for my minds fire. I work for human services the very title suggests this is one of those things we cannot do without. It makes sense to me why advertisers, car manufacturers,realtors and contractors have no work. No ones buying anything new were all making do. But human services, medicane, food, shelter, the safety of the family those are not something we can do without. Or can we? Apparently we can as more and more services are cut everyday. So I worry. I dont know when things will turn around. I know my husband and son will help move my neighbor today and not because they want to go but because everythings gone.

I m not fond of doom and gloom and I dont prefer dark clouds. I do like to fix doom and gloom and purchase umbrellas. So last night when Shawn and I were driving home we were listening to the acoustic version of Live's song Lightning crashes. It said some things that were important to me at that just right moment." Oh now feel it comin' back again like a rollin' thunder chasing the wind forces pullin' from the center of the earth againI can feel it..lightning crashes, a new mother cries this moment she's been waiting for the angel opens her eyes pale blue colored iris, presents the circle and puts the glory out to hide, hide. I created some identity with the songs intensity but mostly I liked thinking about how we come to earth with a glory that is encased in a mortal body that will live on a foulable earth and still there will always be that glory no matter what else happens to that life. Pretty cool. If you are my child then you know my favorite saying "what comes around goes around." So when I hear it in a song it catches my attention. Just like Carly Simons song Comin around again." I know nothing stays the same but if your willing to play the game its comin around again." She has a version where she incorporates itsy bitsy spider. And theres a message of renewal and hope. I know the joys of life are always comin around again. If they were not I dont think we could endure the pains of mortality. Even for those who have a lifetime of pain its comin around again. Thats the promise from a loving and gracious Father.